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[FIX] Real Weapons on Icons

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Real Weapons on Icons

Some weapons of the GTA San Andres have mismatched icons, the weapons are:
-Colt45: The weapon model is the Colt45, but the icon is a Glock;
-Silenced: The model of the weapon is the Colt45 with silencer, however the icon is of a Glock with silencer;
-Micro UZI: The weapon's model is Micro UZI, but the icon is a MAC10;
-Rifle Sniper: The weapon's model is the M40, but the icon is a HK PSG1;
-AK47: The weapon model is AK47 with butt, but the icon is AK47 without a stock.

Consider the pack as a FIX, in the pack there are two versions:
-Substitue Weapons: New weapons corresponding to standard icons;
SS's: http://imgur.com/a/HZ9UL

-Substitute Icons: New icons corresponding to standard weapons.
SS's: http://imgur.com/a/9BDvZ



Download on site:


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Nice , I like it :^:
also , welcome to the forums.

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May I critique? I think the M40 sniper icon from the icons pack should be larger and/or have its outline be more bold. Otherwise this is the fix I was looking for. Thanks!

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