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what is the best graphics mode in gta iv ?

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What is the best mod where i can keep gta iv original textures and only improve reflections and shadows?i am running steam version

and my specs are fx 6300 @ 4.5ghz 8gb ram r9 280x. I am currently running it at 2560x1440 highest settings with no problems at 40+fps at worst case scenario.

The only mod i found was this icenhancer but the vids i checked at youtube all textures were replaced and polished and pretty much destroyed the whole feeling of the city.

Edited by thegreekman99

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The graphics mods don't actually modify the textures, they are an optional download. But since you have the steam version, I would first recommend downgrading to to have mod support. First, back up your files before doing anything.
There are a lot of Steam guides for it, but basically all you need to do is download the patch: http://updates.rockstargames.com/patches/gtaiv/title_update_7_EN.zip and install it.

You could download the original ENB and configure it yourself if you want the original yellowy look of the game. I'm pretty sure that the improved reflections and shadows are enabled in it by default: http://enbdev.com/mod_gta4_v0163.htm

Or if you want the game to look realistic, then iCEnhancer: http://www.icelaglace.com/mods/gtaiv/ice30/ Just download the version.

Edited by Zolika1351

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Official General

CryENB v3

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