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Custom Content/Modding in GTA VI?


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Not sure throwing "modding" in the title is the best example since Rockstar have recently shown a bit of...disdain for that side of the community, but how do you think GTA VI will be in terms of custom user created content?


There's two flavours to think of:


-in-game created stuff - this has already happened somewhat with the content creator, used for fairly simple custom multiplayer maps, as well as director mode/the rockstar editor. How much do you think they'll be extended, or how much do you want them to be extended? Maybe a more comprehensive map editor, terrain and all?


-external stuff - basically, mods. Are we likely to see Rockstar switch to a modding-friendly stance for GTA VI, with the potential for direct modding support? Personally I don't think so, but y'all could be more optimistic than me.


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Probably similar to GTA V's, modding in Singleplayer? Sure, why not, go ahead. Modding in whatever Online will become? NOPE, and take this C&D with you.


Also, I highly doubt Rockstar itself is against mods, I still think it's mostly T2. Their CEO said they were charging people less of what they should and he said he doesn't play video-games, even tho he owns varios gaming companies, so he probably doesn't realize the impact the community has in the games' images. Meanwhile, Rockstar appears to be very chill with mods for the most part, even sharing some of them on their Newswire. With a few exceptions of course **cough** Hot Coffee and LibV **cough**.


I still think Rockstar should do a modding tool on their own, maybe joined with RAGE that disables Online completelly, and any tries to bypass the system would mean an instant-ban. It doesn't need to be that complex, just make a 'Mods' folder, and you just throw whatever mods you want there.

Edited by DOUGL4S1
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