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Need help with CEO Work XBOX ONE


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So, I'll be honest here I'm rank 119, with 30,000 dollars. I bought CEO office & a warehouse but no one wants to ever do it. I don't want randoms from public simply because they aren't coordinated. I don't even have a super car yet. Or any car at all for that matter..anyone want to help me do some crate runs and stuff? I don't even understand why people try to blow them up, you only get like, $2,000 from each crate if you blow them up. I'm on Xbox One GT - zachster2000 timezone- US EST

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We run a crew that runs non hostile team play sessions to help out each other. You're welcome to join us if you're not hostile as well and don't mind meeting us in chat. We don't play with mic as it is not working if you run larger sessions. Chat does it's job. If you're interested, please check out this thread: http://gtaforums.com/topic/880745-xb1-friendly-players-grinding-lobbies-crew-looking-for-members/

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I'm not joining any crews or anything, and really? Discord? Tf.

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From your description it sounded like you might be interested in a couple of people who know what they do and be on when you're on. From my experience with the crew i can just say that even if you're have 100 players on a list, you won't find them online all the time. So i thought it might be a good idea to point you in our direction. We use discord as a tool of communication since the given tools from XB are unusable if you wanna have a place to meet with over a hundred people. Group chat experience on XB is almost non existing and XB Clubs are barely controllable for that matter. We tried using it but gave up. Discord is by far one of the best chat systems i've seen. As i said, it was a suggestion and you're free to join teams as you see fit.

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