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Gaming cliches you can't stand

Algonquin Assassin

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Betrayal and revenge story.


GTA3, GTAVC, GTASA, GTA Advanced, GTAVCS, GTAIV, GTATLAD can be summed with these two keywords.

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when you as the player are a one-man army







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chronic lumbago

RPG fetch-questing... There is absolutely nothing wrong with side quests, but at least reward the player with an interesting story, unique variation of gameplay, or a unique reward. Side missions should be what they are: novelty. But if you send me to use the same abilities in the same order as I usually do, but you want me to hunt goats when I've been slaying demons already, and give me an item I've already found a dozen times that's only worth 50Au (DA:I), you're going to lose me... and possibly make an enemy of me.

Yup. These fetch quest can always be ignored but that's just easy to say. Going into a game blind often results in not knowing which quests are actually fun and worth doing and which are repeatable borefests. I'm looking at Skyrim (eliminate bandit leader no. 2814), Fallout 4 (Another settlement needs your help.. I did about 20 of these before realizing they're useless) Andromeda (in previous ME every side quest was relevant.. here most of them are the fetchiest fetch quests I've ever seen. It's hard to figure out which misc quests are worth it and which are sh*t)
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Explosive red barrels.


Ammunition that is interchangeable between different guns, because they are the same type (SMG, "sniper", etc).


Cars that explode when they catch fire.


Everything to do with 99% of video game stories, characters, and settings. Stereotypes galore. The video game industry is just not very creative in terms of writing.

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