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Is it better if Mikhail died or Dimitri died?


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What do you think would of been better? If Niko killed Mikhail like in game leading to the storyline and events of Dimitri trying to kill the Bellics or if Niko sided with Faustin and killed Dimitri? Mikhail's death had a large impact on what happened to Niko and his cousin in the game. However what would the impact be if Dimitri was killed first? Would Faustin still eventually go mad and Niko still would end up a target? Was Dimitri telling the truth about Petrovic targeting Faustin or did he say it to get Niko to kill Faustin? What ultimate impact would be more better to deal with from Dimitri death? Or the Faustin death we got in GTA IV? I haven't quite come up with a good answer personally thats why I decided to put it up here to see what others do think.

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If Niko killed Dimitri first, Faustin would immediately suspect Niko and Roman were both involved, given the recent situation with Vlad and kidnapping Niko and Roman after the fact. I don't think Faustin would list them for death; it's clear he sees Dimitri as "useless" and a waste of time according to him. Niko would likely take Dimitri's place in Faustin's eyes; Niko would likely decline this offer.


Let's assume IV had a choice system for this option. Should Niko decline, Faustin would get angry and send people after Niko and Roman. Niko is upset at the situation, and decides to go after Faustin. This could technically prevent the events of Deal and Revenge from happening as Jimmy would have no one to make the deal with at the latter end of the game, so the ending is unclear past this point.


Should Niko accept the offer, the game continues as normal, however Roman isn't kidnapped by Johnny because Dimitri never organizes the kidnapping. This also seems out of character for Faustin to have a third party host the kidnapping - Faustin would do it himself, as seen when Niko and Roman are taken in after they kill Vlad. "A Dish Served Cold..." would never happen - Faustin would take Dimitri's place in the story. This assumes Faustin has access to Dimitri's assets after his death, which is likely given his prominence. Niko would definitely go after Faustin towards the end of the game due to Niko and his general dislike of being toyed with, something Faustin would most certainly do should Niko comply with his offer to join and replace Dimitri's position.

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Mikhail was already on drugs. I think he would have overdosed on them and died that way.

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Overdose on drugs? I don't know about that, but I'm sure somebody would kill him to take over his, kind of lousy, operation.


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On 7/21/2020 at 8:58 PM, Americana said:

Overdose on drugs? I don't know about that, but I'm sure somebody would kill him to take over his, kind of lousy, operation.





As seen during his missions. He was doing a bunch of drugs and Dimitri said Mikhail had changed a lot and started spiraling out of control when he really started using them a lot more.


I could see him overdosing on drugs during a mission and you drive him to the hospital where he dies or Niko and Dimitri go to Mikhail's house one day and they find him dead already. If he overdosed on drugs it would also make his death more gritty and darker imo.

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