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Finding "Infinite Timer" Glitch in VCS

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Hi there,

maybe someone feels like looking into this, I have seen some interest for duping and instapasses in the LCS forum.


There is a neat glitch giving you infinite time in some missions in SA. I hope that there is something like that in VCS. That is what this thread is about.

The neat glitch


The application in VCS would be duping Air Rescue. That skips every even level (2nd, 4th, etc). The problem is that it also spawns many "fake patients": useless peds that you only recognize as such as you approach. Therefore, the timer runs out eventually, you cannot beat the mission. A timer glitch in VCS would be cool to beat duped Air Rescue.



I guess I'll look into it myself if nobody cares, but atm, there are over a dozen things on my GTA to-do list and probably new things are going to come up, constantly.

Edited by Patrick1994
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You can pass Firefighter Level 15 in 5 Minutes by going inside an Interior. Just like how it worked for PS2 with Vigilante in SA where you can pass Level 12 in 5 Minutes by going inside an Interior like Burger Shot or Cluckin' Bell. The same Interior Trick in VCS can also be used in the Mission "Hose the Hoes" where you have to put out Fires to the Brothel before Meter runs down and it's sort of an annoying Mission, but you can just go inside an Interior which will put all fires out, cutscene will play, and Vic will then be standing outside of whatever Interior you decide to go into. I usually pick The Compound Safehouse for Hose the Hoes since from afar, I can use a Sniper to snipe the guy on the Roof and pass the Mission with ease.

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Interesting thing to look into. Might help with the Domestobot one day :pp


I haven't looked for infinite timer glitches, but did experiment with duping random stuff at some point. I remember doing something with "Firefighter" (duping it with itself I think? :/), and I insta-passed 14 out of 15 levels for some reason, but this is useless for "Firefighter" in particular, because of the interior trick. I also duped "Vigilante" and "Paramedic" with themselves, but that didn't help me in any way. In "Paramedic", I skipped Level 1, but it would have taken less time and effort to just complete it instead. No "infinite timer" though.


That said, I read in the past that in a certain GTA (don't remember which one), if you complete the objective at hand right when the timer hits zero, the next level will have infinite timer, but I don't know if this is indeed true, and even if it is, it sounds far from convenient.

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You can get the Infinite Time for BMX and NRG-500 Challenges in SA by going into the Corona at the exact moment the Clock hits 0:00, however, you'll probably reload about 10 times until that actually happens and the time limit you reloaded in those 10 times is probably GREATER THAN the actual time it takes to complete either Challenge first try, at that. I never have issues with those Side Missions and do them in the SA Starter Save, but people who seem to not be able to do that stuff always try and get Infinite Time on those Side Missions that literally take 1 Minute to pass if you have the skills for it...And literally the skills in-game, higher Cycling Stat, Bike Stat, etc...

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