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Multiple modding questions in one thread


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Gotta kill those birds with the stone.





1. I want to implement a PAYDAY-style dodge mechanic, where there is a 60% base chance that a player, upon being hit by bullets or explosions does not take damage from any bullet or explosive damage for 1 second (upon successful roll, the dodge effect is active and no further rolls will be received until the effect wears off), with the chance being inversely proportional to the amount of body armor on the player, so full armor = no dodge. Dodge does not protect against physics or melee. I can either try to edit the relevant parameters that control player damage and health, to implement the dice roll that determines the dodge, the active/cooldown period on successful rolls, and the body armor reduction multipliers, or I can just use Scripthook, if it has enough hooks for this.


2. How do I outright remove certain actions from being considered crimes (like shooting down planes and helicopters)? Which meta files do I have to edit besides the crime information one? I'm not the type to use trainers to clean up after my plane-shooting sprees...


3. I checked the Crime and Rebalancement mod, which tweaks police search ai among other things. I checked the dispatchtuning.ymt, and what caught my attention was the flags "UseLastSeenPosition", "UsebyDefault", and "UseEnclosedSearchRegions", especially since one of my peeves about the GTA V cops was the fact that they still follow your current location during search mode. I wonder if adjusting those values would help fix that. Has anyone tried testing that out?

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