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I've seen people on multiple occasions at car meets setting out fireworks on the floor and setting them off, how do I get them? Thanks 😊


I'm on the PS4 by the way, it's quite recently... Last week.

Screenshot I took.


Edited by russeler97
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They got removed. And r* adds then back in since they been Mia for about two years now

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PC never got these fireworks.

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:( all of mine are gone like they removed them from the game completely.



Edited by deadx23
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PC never got these fireworks.


they were only available on 2014, to get them on pc you needed to get them on ps3/360 via modmenu and transfer.


they were removed from everyones inventory so it doesnt matter now.

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^ I definitely had fireworks on my day one account that was transferred to PC, on the PC version and no menu was used. I was under the impression transfers retained the inventory data, until some other time where as you mentioned, they all got removed anyway.


Hoping they will come back on an Independence "update" again - I don't see why the company - given the state of recent things - would pass up an opportunity to sell more in-game content.

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The fireworks launcher comes back but Rockstar has never returned the ground fireworks that you could place and set on timers.

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I used up the last of my ground fireworks about 9 months ago, and that was on PS4.

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