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Gang Attack Strategies [X-Box versions]

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It's my understanding that gang attack strategies like the satchel trick don't work on Xbox versions, but there's a gang war exploit that works in a similar way.. Please let me know how it works for you.


Since this post got spun off to it's own topic, I figure I'd better add a little reference:


Ultimate Territory FAQ: Summary of all gang turf exploits.


Master Mind's Territory Glitch: Research topic with tons of unorganized info on gang war exploits.


Hood Abuse Topic: Historical reference.

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It's my understanding that gang attack strategies like the satchel trick don't work on Xbox versions, but there's a gang war exploit that works in a similar way.. Please let me know how it works for you.

Well, help me out here. I'm a little new on this new method of placing the stachel charges on the rival gang enemines that attack your hood. I started doing this method a little over last month. I've been doing the old school way for years on the Ps2 which invloves flying out of the map then die to crate gang territtories across the whole map. Soon i realized this method didn't work on the Xbox versions so i found out a new way. Thanks to user Offical General that explained me how to do this the first time with the stachel method.



About the stachel method on creating more terttitory for Grove ST, I've done this stachel method various times on the Xbox remaster which is the 360 version of SA. By using this method i managed to have various Grove terrtitories from Mulholland intersection, along near the houses, to the whole area on Vinewood, to having terrtitory near the whole LS airport. Other terrtitories include a big chunk near the Mulholland save house reaching Red county.


The other method i used while playing the Xbox original is when your terrtitory is under attack i lure the rival gang into a un-occupied area, then i kill every rival memeber on foot. Once they all die a new terrtiorty for GSF will appear in that area.


This method along with Stachel one works on mobile as well.


Here's a few of the screenshots of terrtitories i got by using the lure and stachel method (Mobile)




J0NaWB2h.jpg as you can see i made GSF territory near the mulholland intersection and near Vinewood including houses as well.




JLlzzUfh.jpg GSF in Vinewood




fbxhPaXh.jpg GSF in intersection


byJ01pJh.jpg Red County



Families in Red County/Mulholland



Of course this is only a few terrtitories on mobile. On the 360 version i have various GSF locations near Red County and All of Vinewood. My Ps2 version of SA has the whole map covered obviously from the aircraft method.

Edited by GTA_The_Series
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I wondering where this post went :p


Anyway this is some good stuff here @GTA_The_Series. I should've known this glitch would work on the mobile version as well. Going to try out this stachel and lure method. Seen vids about on Youtube. You don't really need a jetpack when you can just lure them in an un-occupied area. I'll check back on this topic :^:

Edited by Simply_Wasted
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