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Femme Fatale

What's your victory song?

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Femme Fatale

Sorry if there's already thread like this, I couldn't find one, and Mr. Pink said to not bump really old threads.


Anyway, the title says it all. It doesn't have to be a "I won a race or trophy!" moment, it can be any achievement that made you feel proud of yourself. Ex: Getting a job, getting laid, etc.


For me it's One Vision by Queen, which is my favorite song by them.




It's the first song that comes to my mind when I remember my milestone threads(especially the recipes for Gay cannibals and who's the last person you masturbated to? ones, since they were brilliant), the night I lost my virginity, this dream I had


GTAF invaded my dreams again, this time more than just one person appeared. Blaze, Deadite, and Static were standing above Murdoc's "grave" after he was banned, while I was waiting for them to leave so I can do my thing. After they finished mourning him, I walked over to M's grave, and said: "Can you believe it? They claim that they loved you, but they leave you to rot underground. Don't worry, I'll take real good care of you." I started unburying him, carried his corpse above my shoulder, and as I started walking back home, I heard a female voice say: "Ahem, what are you doing?" I looked behind me, it was Tonguegirl. I asked her what she's doing here, and she told me to answer her question. "Taking him to my house, you know I'm a..." She just giggled while facepalming, "Oh you sick little homo, you couldn't resist could you?" I replied, "Yeah, well, he was really good at feeding my masochism, so why not? Wanna see all of the times he publicly abused me?" I reached into my pocket, and fumbled for a piece of paper. "No, put him back." I asked why, she told me to just do it, and when I started stuttering and pleading, she firmly said: "Achlys! Put. Him. Back!" I groaned in sadness, and dropped him back in his grave.


Tonguegirl just smiled, and said: "Good. Let's forget this, and go to the Premier, check out the male strippers." I instantly became happy, and followed behind her. When we got there, I saw that Darth Absentis, ShadowPerson, and Joemoetoe were there too. Crusin' the Streets by Boys Town Gang started playing on the club's speakers while all of the hunky men started putting on a show for us, Darth's lucky ass had the pleasure of touching one of the guys' abs. All five of us just talked about randow stuff, like which stripper is top or bottom, while watching the rest of the show. Eventually, I woke up, with a boner. :lol:


and other moments that remind me why I love myself. :D The lyrics seem so fitting. "One man, one goal, one mission...I had a dream, when I was young, a dream of sweet illusion!"


What about you guys?

Edited by Achlys
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This song to me, just is head and shoulders above everything else.



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Arrows to Athens


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Evil empire


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Evil empire

I also love

very much.

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Mister Pink

One Vision is my victory song too but if I'm to say another one..




It's my calm after the storm victory music.

Edited by Mister Pink
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This tbh



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What else ? :p

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mr quick

That's a good question. Personal victories for me are often resolutions of conflict or related to general perseverance, and if I do listen to music following something like that it's almost always "Deacon Blues" by Steely Dan, "It's Almost Gone" by Yellowjackets, or "Are You Going With Me" by Pat Metheny, performed live in Montreal 1989.

I think the reason that "Deacon Blues" is not only by anthem but my "victory song" is because I find consolation -and- motivation in its relatable lyrics; I am not alone in having had my inexpedient aspirations of jazz loserdom, to paraphrase Walter Becker.

Of course, its comfortable and soft sound doesn't hurt. At a certain point, one may begin to wonder whether it's parody or just plain old genius. The overdubbed acoustic guitar played by either Lee Ritenour or Dean Parks plays a simple strumming pattern throughout the song, but it takes very little space in the mix and is playing jazz harmonies in unity with the other instruments. It's a soft and laid-back, almost autobiographical tune, a recipe for which the acoustic guitar is a cliche; which is why I beg the question :p

The same can be said for the "celeste" as it's apparantly marked in the overview sheet, which sounds comically not like a celeste. It's a synthesizer which is emphasizing the high notes of a lush horn arrangement by Tom Scott during the saxophone solo - this is a negation of a classic jazz arranging technique used in Scott's horn arrangements, and the isolated track sounds hilariously simple and almost like an afterthought. However, it sounds utterly perfect in the context of the tune, just like the acoustic guitar track.
I wonder if these things are "jokes" of some kind that happened to work in a musical context, or if they are deadly serious additions which in retrospect could seem like a joke. It certainly wouldn't be the first time Steely Dan pulled a fast one on its fans(see: µ major).

I could go on and on about this song. Bottom line is that I don't ever get sick of it, and it's a strangely apt description of me and my situation. Not to discredit the musicianship, of course. It's a brilliant tune, musically as well.

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t3h PeNgU1N oF d00m



Not exactly a full song, but it's hardwired to play in my brain every time I accomplish a mediocre task.

Edited by Plank.
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