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Task Force 141 Recruitment


Recommended Posts

Task force 141
is an elite group of combat efficient soldiers, hand picked after passing various testing, designed to test a soldiers adaptability as well as their effectiveness in combat.

we are looking to expand our numbers after a complete rearrangement of the command structure.

All applicants will be interviewed and tested before acceptance in to the crew to ensure that they are capable of playing to the standards set by the OC.

Open positions are for both infantry and Air force


Be part of a squad or a vehicle operation crew. Boots on the ground, Rifle in your shoulder you are body of the task force. you will be trained as a rifleman as all members of the task force however you will have the opportunity to progress and train in heavy weapons and long range combat. alternately you can go the root of a Vehicle operator, where you will be trained as a combat driver. you will then be given to opportunity to be trained on a number of Assault Vehicles including LAV 25s, 2A4 Leopard tanks, M3 half-track, LAPVs and Desert Patrol Vehicles.

Air Force

Controlling the Sky as locking down shorelines, the Air force and the Navy are a Key part of any combat operation. whether its transporting large numbers of troops and vehicles across the area of operation, or providing close Air support to ground assets. The Air force and Navy combine in to one unit to allow for adaptability whilst in high intense combat situations. using a number of various aircraft from recon aircraft to heavy duty helicopter gunships to assess and assault enemy positions.

Applicants may be any age or rank and can be Male or female in both player and in game character. they will only be judged on their ability. any players discriminating against members of the crew will be disciplined


Applicants must be willing to sacrifices 2-4 outfit slots as well as up to 7 vehicle slots depending on their role within the crew.

Applicants must also be wiling to modify weaponry to crew standard.

Applicants will also be required to train regularly.

Message DELTA14 PRO on xbox live or DELTA:

Crew location:

Officer Commanding


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