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Armor not applying correctly to MOC upgraded vehicles?


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So from this update I have a Weaponized Tampa, an Oppressor, and an APC. I have purchased 100% armor for each, but something isn't right.


With all 3, the headlights/tail lights/windows shatter just as if I didn't have any armor at all applied, the hood of the Weaponized Tampa goes flying off after a few hits, and all 3 vehicles start to get that damaged engine rattle noise after a short while, again, as if I had 0% armor on them.


I haven't done any testing to see if it's just the cosmetic features of the armor that isn't working, or if armor isn't working at all, but either way it's really annoying how easily my headlight on the Oppressor goes out, and I can't keep my custom hood on my Tampa for more than 5 minutes.


Anyone else noticed these issues?

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Weaponized Tampa's armor is practically cosmetic, it doesn't actually increase the armor by much, if any. One explosion blows it up and there are weak spots for bullets everywhere. This was intentional I believe.

Oppressor armor only helps against bullets. It is meant to have one explosion blow it up as it is only a bike.

As for the APC, I am not sure.

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The APC armor upgrade worked for me, stock it only takes 4 RPG shots and 2 tank rounds. With 100% armor upgrade it went to 8 RPG shots and 4 tank rounds.


Tampa the armor is just for looks, and oppressor.... I'm no expert on bikes lol

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