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Can you trade your Mobile Operations Center cab?


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I bought the Phantom Custom cab for my Mobile Operations Center even though I liked Hauler Custom because I wanted to make sure I had enough money for other things. I didn't know that I would have to pay $1,400,000 to renovate it to ye Hauler Custom! With it being this much money, I thought maybe I'm able to trade the Phantom for the Hauler and have it cost less like you can with apartments and warehouses. Is the owned cab traded for the new one that you buy making it cost less?

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I asked the same question before and the answer sucks: NO!


You lose all the money spent on the truck and all money spent on its upgrades. You're basically out $1.5M-$1.75M if you change your mind on the Phantom/Hauler.

Same for the trailer: any time you change modules you get $0 for what you're removing, so treat it like Office/Clubhouse/Bunker Decor.

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What!? That's so stupid. Dammit, I should've bought the Hauler. Thanks.

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What!? That's so stupid. Dammit, I should've bought the Hauler. Thanks.

Don't be upset. The problem with the Hauler is that you can't see it in front of the trailer while driving unless you (constantly) manually move the camera to a higher angle. Makes it hard to see where you're about to move toward

I was considering going to the Phantom, but not for even half that cost.

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I bought the phantom and regret it hugely. The hauler looks so much cooler.

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Duel, terminator2, Black dog, Joyride, Live free or die hard...SMOKEY AND THE FKN BANDIT! (Said in Archers voice, seriously, someone drive their phantom w a wanted level while I run blocker in my t-top phoenix. Bonus points for a Pam or sally field lookalike passenger)

Hauler: terminator 2 tow truck kinda counts? Black dog...any others? Fast n furious doenst count, those movies never count.

What!? That's so stupid. Dammit, I should've bought the Hauler. Thanks.

I'm opposite, i should've bought the phantom. From what i understand performance and damage/bullet resistance difference is negligible but phantom tighter turning radius when reversing.


Every time I look at the hauler I regret it...ugly as fk.

Edited by jtet37
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I think the Hauler looks better and it takes up less space. I don't usually drive in first person. I have been in the Hauler in first person and it is a little hard to see.

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Overlord Jr.

both have exact same amount of armor/bullet resistant window and very similar in speed performance, but Phantom has 3 rear seat and side window can be smashed to throw explosives,


so Phantom is objectively better unless you want the hauler armor style, I wouldnt pay 1mil to switch from a hauler tho

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Alright, the Phantom seems like the better choice. I'm now happy with my decision.

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I drive MOCs in first person so ether one doesnt matter, i love my phantom

Same much easier to see where you're going
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Only reason to get the Hauler is the looks. It has primary and secondary color options which come in handy if you want to make an Optimus Prime homage i guess. Other than that the visibility and driving backwards issues seem to be the problem here

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  • 2 years later...

Actually the hauler has better top speed when carrying the trailer and the phantom has better top speed without the trailer. The Phantom has more driving power though(better at ramming) and better handling (or so I think)

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