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Alpha Demigod

Dating/Relationships Topic

Recommended Posts

Constant K

My ex-fiance, whom I talked about cheating on me in a thread years ago, got really close with my parents after we split up. This happened because after we split up she moved in with my parents for a place to stay for a little bit over a year, (she had no other place to live because she grew up in south america). She stayed with them and my parents didn't know why we split up but I think they know now.....dunno don't want to ask but I think she told my mom.


They are paying for her schooling now and this really bothers me. I remember one time she mentioned that she would pay them back but whether she does or not this still bothers me.


What should I do? How should I cope?

My ex was like that, got so close to my parents, they treated her as the daughter they never had and when she left, my parents felt as much betrayed, especially my mom. In spite of what happened between me and her, they expected her to be connected to them in some way only because she was almost a part of my home, even in my absence. She was a part of so many family decisions. They never anticipated that she would suddenly start treating them like they don't matter and when she showed utter indifference to their attempts to reach out to her, they were angry and hurt. You should make sure your parents don't have to feel that because unlike my case, your situation not only involves trust but also money.

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Finn 7 five 11

Been dating a girl for not long, not to humble brag but I do a lot of dating in Finland, the accent goes a long way, usually I end up friends with the girls I meet because there isn't enough clique.


However! with this particular woman, it got serious fast, from the day we met onwards, we were seeing each other minimum 3 times a week.


She's amazing. Beautiful bleach blonde Finnish girl, lived all over Europe, traveled the world, has a double degree, one is a master's, I love everything about her, she's very kind and fun to be around, always laughing and excited over simple things, her accent is cute, very gentle for a Finnish person, I chuckle to myself at the slight, but funny syntax common among finns she uses when speaking English, I enjoy how her voice fluctuates up and down so much when she speaks, and all the other little things she does, they just make me smile all the time.

She's also amazingly organised, career driven and following her passions, cooks amazing food and is very fit, I went to her summer cabin and she dug the worms, baited the hooks and caught 8 fish within 30 minutes, I caught only one with my lure, and she had to help me unhook it because I couldn't get it off haha 😄, she rowed the boat and lit the fire for the sauna, and baked a delicious blueberry pie after I picked them with her from the forest.


She also doesn't have any weird jealousy issues or self esteem problems, a nice circle of friends, doesn't drink excessively, or smoke, not even coffee breath! She has loving parents and kind relatives, I mean what on earth did I stumble into???


I am totally outclassed here, no doubt about it, and I'm still reeling a little, why on earth did she pick me? How lucky can I be, this woman is f*cking perfect! So many cuts above my previous relationships.


The sad thing is in December I'm once again leaving to Australia, for at least 6 months, perhaps several years for work, she's not even mad about it! She said she understands that I can't stay only for her, and that we should enjoy the time together while we can, and get back together one day if we are in the same place! How's that for emotional security!


I'm so chuffed and happy at the moment :D

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I am seriously consider with having sex tomorrow...With my ex-girlfriend.


Cutting to chase right away: We broke up a week ago, our relationship ran it's course and I let it fade, die and ended it because I couldn't tolerate so much bullsh*t from her.


Today she said she feels alone and thought of me, that's understandable, I guess.


But the problem is that I haven't had a good laid in two months with her, or with anybody else for that matter as I have a strong disdain for cheating, no matter the cause.


And what's the matter? I know she will use the situation to ask me back, and I don't want to come back because I know it will be the same bullsh*ts of ever.


Damn, I wish I was more disciplined with my libido and could control my urges more.

Do eet for da pussee bawse.


Wait you mentioned cheating? Don't cheat on a new lass with an old. No class, yuuuuge mistake. Never do it.


But wait you said you hadn't been laid in a while so where did the cheating come in?


I'm so confused bawse. If you single, do it Wild Style. For Fresh Prince Big Willy Smith



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