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need a emblem cretor person


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fyi had last post saying id pay $10 but someone buy tiger says im not aloud to offer payment as part of form rules even tho its listed no were in rule so ill ask free just to please a but hurt person making me follow rules that arnt then and yes im listing a link to form rules so they cant go say it was



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im not aloud to offer payment as part of form rules


Nobody mentioned the Forum Rules, I told you that this Forum is a free service and we don't allow cash transactions on the forum.


When you've been here for a little longer than one day, you might be in a position to lecture us on our own rules, until then, please do as we ask and you'll get along fine.

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bam you just said it the word rules.if its not in your form rules you cant imply i have to follow it.as i only created account under following those terms .if its not in those form rules. that rule your making is just a personal prefrence. and i can gladly go else were as the only thing this site has been usefull for is you running mouth agaist me twice saying im not following rules that arnt even a rule in place then saying .it was never a rule but when ive been here longer i can lecture you on rules well if you claim its not in form rules why must i follow something that isnt there. this sounds just like sonys terms of oh you want a psn account you must expect are terms under section B: of you will not harrase ,intimidate or abuse other or engage in stalking like behavor. finds out a week later from sony mouth when trying to get them to inforce it. sony:oh that only applys in 1st party games. well not what terms made me expect. see your all the same you make us sign 1 type of terms but make up diffrent ones as you go at your will with out updating the terms for us to read.



fyi thats how most people win lawsuites agaist people violating the terms they signed .witch you are doing right now as the terms i signed are in form rules . intill you wish to reright those rules .dont be asking me to follow rules that arnt there as i wont. . im a strait foward person if it isnt in wrighting for all to follow im not gana follow it eather so bye dont with this website

and ps did i have say i was gana pay someone on forms themself no i said id offer payment doesment mean im gana give u money useing this website

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You're in way over your head little buddy. Don't be a dick to a staff member who is trying to help you.


We're a free community and don't allow the exchange of cash for the security of our members, end of story.


You're free to post your request in the right place in the GFX Section and if someone is willing to do the work they will.


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