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Why andromada was un-rideable?


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Andro was ridable via mod...it was not fun...because top easy to find it..how to ride it non-via mod???


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** Hijack andromada, possible?

Andromada, where… Read Only.

*Guide* for getting the Andromada via garage spawn. Read Only.

ANDROMADA What is it? Read Only


There seems to be the continuing and unfortunate misunderstanding that this part (GTA San Andreas) has modding as a feature.

Take Note (as in this section forums rules) That MODDING has its OWN specialized section.

The GTA San Andreas Menu “Subforums” even lists it as: GTA Mods.

Here, again are the basic links:


WELCOME to the San Andreas forum!

<Click Here> Before you post Rules

<click here> For Modding Problems and Questions:

Modding <click here> Requests

<click here> for Mobile Modding.

Modding <click here> Showroom has already made mods.

And <click here> the GTA GARAGE Mod site

<click here> for DYOM Help & Support

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Lethal Vaccine

You can obtain the Unique Andromada on PS2 and save it in the Hanger as can you do it on other Platforms using OM0...

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