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H O O L I G A N S [MC]

a bad mushroom

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a bad mushroom


L O S ¤ S A N T O S

[XBOX 360]



We are the Hooligans. The name says it all.You may have seen us around, on the back flatbed semi raising hell or rolling up on someone in van. Maybe even raced us before. We're the guys that get rowdy after the game, guys who steal a girl and bring her back to clubhouse to be passed around like a blunt, guys who run over pedestrians after long night at the bar.


We're are currently reaching out to what is left of the xbox 360 community to restore our numbers. We are currently six members strong and growing. Depending on our total growth we may depart into Blaine County as well. We are looking for members with promise and love of the game and members who want to go that extra mile and maybe help lead.


We have designed roles for our crew. Some basic, some more extreme for the extreme biker. Such as our demolitionist, a member who works as our explosives expert for heist, missions, and recourse. A garage filled with rigged cars ready to blow at turn of the key. Or maybe even a Road Captain who helps better members biker skills and help them get the most of their bike with special events or custom races. No matter your playstyle, any outcast will fit right in.


We have cage matches and bar fights for fun. We arm wrestle and play some of toughest bikerball around. Never heard of it? You should try it, you'll love it. It's like Hockey with less teeth and baseball bats.


We hold BMX and Moto Series Tournaments with big money races. Unlike some, we're not too cool to ride on four wheels or appreciate a good car and biker meet. Hell, or even kick back and throw parties. When we aren't crashing them of course.


We even have our own Hooligans Questline in BETA Test. A one hour, 10 missions, $100k payout. Missions such as Territory Takeover, a 4v4 fight to steal the deeds to Vanilla Unicorn Gentleman's Club under protection of 100 Lost members - or Pimping Ain't Easy, a race to capture the Lost MC's top dollar hoes.


We do have rules. Which follow...


If auto aim is your thing, set your settings to stranger. Killing members or friendly fire is not tolerated.


Crew members gain 50% of all Heist with other Hooligans unless less is previously agreed upon.


Treat your superiors with courtesy and respect. When on the road you stay behind the captains and watch their backs.


Show boaters get the firing squad. We are a team and work as a team. We respect spunk, not hot shots.


Before you're a member you must under go a probationary Prospect period of one week to get a feel of the group. After the week is up you must be voted in by two members. Male prospects wear brown leathers and females wear green track jackets. Both get no patch. In prospect period you are required to be attentive. Job requirements may involve getting beaten in by our members or 1 on 1 with other prospects, to driving us where we need to go. Females have ways to climb the ladder faster but not required. Prove yourself and you will earn your cuts.



We take great pride patching in our members,and usually hold big events to celebrate our new recruits. Upon patching, males must wear black leathers with a large crew patch. Females wear black track jackets with large patch on the back.



Think you're cut to wear the cuts? Contact me here or on Xbox 360 @ " a bad mushroom " for an invite. We look forward to hearing from you.

Edited by a bad mushroom
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