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Altis Armed Forces


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Let me tell you a bit about my self:


-Im going to keep this short for you guys my name is just.. I have been a part of the JTF2 the 25th meu and the JTF on arma 3 over my time playing. i still play to this day and have ranked well over 2,000 hours on arma and if i were to guess around 700 of the hours were on milsim. Now i started to play my playstation 4 a lot more bought some shark cards and some of the new vehicles from gun running. i have a drone i love to fly it, i also have a interest in electronics my computer has a I7 6700k a 1080 and to end it 16 gigs of DDR4 ram.




What is AAF?


AAF or Altis armed forces is a up and coming crew that closely follows the rules and methods of the fictional arma 3 force (Altis armed forces)


-The goal of the altis armed forces is to bring peace and prosperity among altis With help from the nato forces and the sinful actions of CSAT.

The (AAF) in my own eyes is a mixture of the Canadian armed forces the Iraq armed forces and the united nations peace keepers.

(AAF) is not a NATO country we are (Independent) We do follow the rules of engagement. however we do not do everything the AAF does just the basics its up to you me and everyone who joins to build the AAF up




That being said)


We do have a lot of rules that is to keep a realistic and organized feel to the Military crew

Here at the Altis armed forces we want you to have fun at operations and to make friends and with the friends you make you can do races gun running Ceo stuff even though you never met the person you know you can trust them because everyone has to follow the rules and if they do not there not welcome in the (AAF) Now the rules will be ever so changing but that is why i need loyal people, people i can trust with high ranks people there from the start because one day we hope to have 50+ members.





important If you wish to join Read the rules below and my contact information

if you wish to join contact me using PSN or social club jman_jd10

I hope to see you at training this Sunday at 6:00pm E-ST but before you go to training you will have to undergo a Interview

Our current Branches you can join are as follow


Crewman-rifleman-squad lead-pilot-and out special forces


No rules means corruption and when that happens Crews die










First lets go on the rules of engagement

1 do not fire unless fired upon

2 do not try to get someone to shoot at you

3 our combat style is defensive that is how we are trained so if you win the fight do not chase for seconds

4 if you are driving and you see someone get killed and they did not start the fight protect them tell them in game chat that your trying to help if they shoot at you just leave (NOW) do not go out of your way to help someone if you are doing CEO or gunrunning missions



general rules

1 do not team kill unless you both agree on it

2 if someone does end up reporting you if you both do not have proof no one will be punished so make sure to record

3 if you dislike someone and you set them up to break a rule and i find out you will be kicked from the crew

4 for most offensives you will get points and if you get 30 points you will be get a strike and if you get a strike you will be kicked from the crew if you do good deeds you can lose points. 30 points may seem like a lot buy that is so we can have small punishments but do not get me wrong killing your team mate is 16 points unless he dose not report you if your teammate does report you without proof you will be free to go

5 no trolling being racist or discriminating someone

6 everyone may want to rank up but only try if you will designate more time to the crew and follow the rules because the higher rank you become the less rules you can break before losing those ranks






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Dude.. not asking to be recruited or anything.. just a simple question.



Why in gods name, would you bask in the glory that is arma 3.. and then belittle yourself and come down to the cancer that is the GTA realm lmao?

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  • 2 years later...
On 6/25/2017 at 1:41 PM, Aether said:

Dude.. not asking to be recruited or anything.. just a simple question.



Why in gods name, would you bask in the glory that is arma 3.. and then belittle yourself and come down to the cancer that is the GTA realm lmao?

Went back to arma, Sitting at 12k hours now, Time to try a new GTA crew


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