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Speedrunning General Topic

Recommended Posts

Richard Power Colt


7min Prey(2017) Speedrun


That video got a lot of hate in the comments, what the hell?


Guess that happens when your video gets popular and plebs come out to play.


It's just the idiots who complain about using glitches in a speedrun even though that's like half the fun and it doesn't necessarily mean the run is easy to pull off.


Here's a speedrun for Death of the Outsider:



I didn't watch the whole thing, because spoilers. That vaulting launch trick seems to be new.

Edited by Richard Power Colt

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I'll be running Millennium Racer tomorrow afternoon (for US, night for EU) in A Race Against Time (ARAT);


Check out the schedule here for local times.

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Big bump. Came across this documentary about speedrunning which might interest people;



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While I truly respect this, I dont get it.


I want to absorb the scenery, scenario, and justify in my time, why Im subject to that particular universe.


And the quickest to the front line usually isnt the best. Nor is the last. Theres a balance. And its not human, either. Just a subtle push to go out and do a bit more exploring. Within life, and within you. And for the creativity thrown, I cant help but agree.

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Posted (edited)

You can do all that, then enjoy the game a lot, wanting to know more than just the aesthetics and dive into the game to figure out how it works and ways to finish the game faster (or "better").


Speedrunning doesn't mean you are not allowed to enjoy the game casually. It's a more in-depth, detailed look into the game than you would normally have. Atleast that's my version of it :p It's making a game you enjoy competitive for yourself.


Also, better late than never;




The GTA Marathon took place from 4- 8 April. Check out the VODs!

Edited by Fireman

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I will be speedrunning a few games at the Benelux Speedrunning Gathering this weekend; Urban Chaos, Section 8: Prejudice and TAG: The Power of Paint


Schedule can be found here.

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