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Take-Two, OpenIV and D&As oh my!


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It's been along time since I last posted without much in the way of progress. I have my reasons besides some personal life issues and having no Development PC right now.


Where do I start?


GooD-NTS's OpenIV and I feel for those who developed this tool for nearly a decade as this is an outstanding project.


Edit; Just to make it clear - I am not passing any blame to OpenIV, I am annoyed at Take-Two inc. the company could have gone about things another way and not alienate a community fan base.


It's not wise to boycott or write hateful replies towards this company, instead we could write a constructive letter to Take-Two about our concerns and get a ton of signatures behind this letter.


Continuing on...


I've been learning that a bunch of other projects getting D&A notices as well. Where does this leave SOL on the rage engine and it's future? To be honest I am not sure because a lot of work has gone into the Rage version of SOL-IV and SOL-V being ported from the VC engine version.


Edit; I plan of changing GTA "State of Liberty" to Just "State of Liberty" because of the new engine development and will have newer maps. because I don't want to create any IP issues in the future.


Maybe I should just continue the VC engine version? I'm not sure either, as not a lot of people have access to GTA-VC anymore. I guess the same goes for the SA engine but unlike VCs engine it's been a beast to mod until Fastman's Limit adjuster came along but for SOL there are a lot of unsupported features.


Having read -



I have always seen modding as a privilege not a right. That is how I was introduced into modding 30 odd years ago on Command & Conquer, Delta Force Land Worrier and other sand box type games of the past so I've always been respectful learning about game engines and what code/ tools I've written. Being creative and showcasing your/ their works to others maybe on social media sites like Youtube, this is what modding is all about and can also be great learning curve for others who would like to take the next step forward in education which could be a way to working in the gaming industry.


Many moons ago learning about how games worked got me a job in the gaming industry. I hope beside companies dishing out D&As there is at least some thought behind these orders; that it does not hurt the innocent people who use this and other communities.


Rockstar who have been supportive of the modding community maybe should have released the single player GTAIV/V and Red Dead Redemption 2 as a stand alone product, and the online version of the GTAIV/V and RD02 in it's own package with a different set of files knowing there is a modding community out there. This might have solved a lot of issues. This would have been a better way to deal with those who hack to gain an advantage over others.


Online games cheating/ hacking is nothing new, except now days this hurts how Rockstar /TakeTwo make money and as a company they have a right to protect their copyright/ property.


One another note there is a mod called "Red Dead Redemption on V" My own feelings here. This mod is asking for trouble because the team behind this are porting a game from an earlier engine onto the PC for the masses for free. I can see why Take-Two issued a D&A here and you can't blame them, after all Red Dead is still sold on PS3 and X-Box.


Red Dead on V is pretty much classed as warez if this included the full maps, audio and missions, this is where I think GTAF have a responsibility to disallow mods of this and other mods of a sensitive nature. The more people who think they can do what they want TakeTwo are going to clamp down more, making it harder for us all.


We all have a part to play in what is good acceptable modding and what is not, otherwise we all may lose out in the end.

Edited by Wild-Tatanka
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