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The Rockstar Gamer 108

Ultimate Biker Gang Wars : TLaD Edition

Big Chop vs Small Chop vs Hairdryers  

12 members have voted

  1. 1. Best Biker Gang?

    • The Lost MC
    • The Angels of Death
    • Uptown Riders
  2. 2. Worst Biker Gang?

    • The Lost MC
    • Angels of Death
    • Uptown Riders

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The Rockstar Gamer 108

The Lost and Damned features 3 biker Gangs in Liberty City:

i) The Lost MC [TLMC]

ii) Angels of Death [A.O.D.]

iii) Uptown Riders [uR] {TLaD Exclusive}


I really have a big LOVE for the Lost MC because they wear heavy jackets and ride big bikes in style. They are armed with sawn offs, and pistols. Lycans, Diabolus, Zombies and other choppers make them cool. They can be found in Soithern Alderney.


A.O.D. rides small choppers like Daemon, Hellfuries, Nightblades and stuffs. They are found in West Algonquin and in some parts of Broker.


UR Guys ride Japanese sportbikes like Hakuchous, Batis, their Customs and stuffs. They are featured in TLaD only and can be found in Northwood.

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B Dawg

When you don't take into account The Lost MC as the player gang, I have to go with the Angels Of Death. Aesthetically and vocally, they're the coolest looking gang in the game. They both look and sound badass. They also don't ride any ugly bikes (Lost MC have some of the best bikes such as Zombie B and Hellfury, but also some of the worst ones such as the Innovation and Diabolus which is just a bad version of the almighty Hellfury)


Hell, some of my favorite Lost MC gang war buddies are reskinned Angels Of Death dudes.


So yeah, in a way I wish the Angels Of Death were the player gang, or, that The Lost looked and sounded like the AoD and vice versa.

Edited by B Dawg

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You guys forgot the deadbeats

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I guess the AOD are the largest and most powerful.TLMC are very tough,but they lack numbers (at least in GTA TLAD,by GTA 5 they seem to grow into a large club with chapters across the US).I don't know much about Uptown Riders,since the only ones we meet are Malc and DeSean,and it seems their main activity is street racing.

As for which ones look most badass and have the coolest bikes,that's just a subjective opinion.Someone who likes cruisers and chopper bikes is going to think that TLMC and AOD have cooler bikes and outfits,while someone who likes sports bikes is going to prefer UR bikes and outfits.Since I'm a metalhead who rides a cruiser IRL,so the two chopper riding clubs look more badass and have better bikes IMO.

Story-wise,TLMC are the best since they are protagonist's gang,UR are good too because they are your allies,and AOD are the worst because they are enemies.

Edited by GTA-Biker

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