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Cutthroat corps Recruitment (new recruits given automatic representative status)


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Join the Cutthroat corps, a corporation set on achieving riches beyond your regular crew. What makes this crew different from every other crew? I have an APC, ruiner2000, rhino tank and oppressor making this crew like a military unit with me leading it. If you like to kill join me and let's f*ck up everybody. Whereas in your daily crew you unite with crew members to achieve a task, every member of the corps will be accountable in helping their fellow crew member so no member is left behind. What makes this crew different is each member should be a bonifide assassin with a warrior mentality and no sense of surrender. The Marines of the streets so to say. Join if you fit the bill, or if you would want me to help you personally in whatever you want done. The ultimate goal is satisfying wealth. I think that sets this crew apart from the others. I can offer my assistance in your daily objectives, missions, or tasks you want done. My ambitions for this crew is to achieve prosperity for each recruit but we must be all willing to give 100% through determination and grinding.


If you're short on cash or luxuries, join now and together we'll increase in wealth so that we can afford anything in a gta world dominated by gamesharks.


Click there to join:



Platform: PS4


Upon joining you will be given representative status and from there will be promoted based on your effort in ranking up in the crew. Once we have a big enough crew I will start a crew group so we can contact eachother online.


# of members: 24


Notable Members:


Leader: Ninja_Nicoya

Commissioner: Open

1st Lieutenant: Open for grabs.

2nd Lieutenant: Open.




So if you like to make money join up. Stay active and help aid the corps in becoming a superpowered elite unit. This crew isn't for slackers so if you quit easily don't join. This is about serious players who take money making/killing seriously. If someone has beef with one member they have beef with us all. You'll never be alone if you join. Respect each member and no killing each other unless you know each other and are just messing around and having fun. The idea is to build a military force of outlaws that exceed in wealth. If you have any questions post them here or the social club website and I'll personally answer them to you.


Things you might wanna fill and post here if you decide to join or just chat.








Are you above 18: (Yes) (No)


Do you have a mic: (Yes (No)


Do you work well with others:


Misc:(other info you wish to share)



Your leader, Ninja_Nicoya.

Edited by Ninja_Nicoya
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