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My way of getting a Solo / Public session


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Hi all.


I'm new to Online but not to the GTA series. I hope I'm not double posting the same info but I've seen a few topics like this but not yet saying what I've noticed.


Although this is not an overly detailed way of doing it, it is a simple way.


So I've been doing a bunch of solo jobs (Blow up 1, 2, 3. and stuff like that) and I've noticed once I've done a few of these (4 - 6'ish) all back to back then I return back to the main public session I get all the pop-ups on the left of the screen saying everyone left. Maybe they just don't want to be in the session with me lol or whatever but either way, I am not in a public session on my own & I've never had anyone else join even after doing this 4 or 5 times. Once I see this I am all over my crate missions and stuff.


Does anyone else have this happen or know what causes it & can we do something to make it happen?


Happy hunting :^:

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This also happens sometimes for me. However it is only temporary for me. Example: in ceo office solo, flying away in Buzzard and now one added to lobby, start Fortified and while in a tunnel i check to find about 8 in lobby. Same with changing lobbies where solo is only temporary. Even if only one other player is in your lobby it may not be a fiendly as it could be a jetboy changing lobbies doing shoot and run. This is on PS4.

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When I've had it happen, it stays like it till I turn off or chose to go back to another public one. PS4 also

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Maybe it is your internet connection and or time of day you play. Whatever it is consider yourself lucky as Ceo, MC, and Gun Runners buisness are only playable in public lobbies. So then along with nasty npc enemies to deal with there are other players that may attack while you are doing supply and delivery runs.



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  • 4 weeks later...

Nope & I've often done a similar number of contact missions before dropping back into FM.


Welcome to the forum & cool avatar by the way, a great man.

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