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Jobs not loading - bug with created jobs


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Has anyone else noticed player made jobs that worked in the past now not loading, with an error message suggesting some sort of corrupted data in them and they need re-making?


I found this yesterday trying to make a playlist of some crew mates jobs. After a bit of discussion I'm sure this is related to the Gunrunning update. One effected race was ran OK a few days before Gunrunning and now will not load. We think we've ruled out the cause being specific props (one effected job has no props in it) and also the jobs going close to the bunker locations (a couple effected are no where near any bunkers). Only races have been effected as far as I know, but that may just be that we simply haven't found an effected DM, capture or LTS yet (tend to do more races).


So anyone else noticed this or know anything about it?

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Yep one of my races won't load when it worked fine before the update. No idea what's causing it, very frustrating...

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My jobs are all good but we were victim to a playlist that VANS were dominating before one of these jobs bought the Playlist crashing down.


Any info on what can be done to make these jobs playable again would be very welcome.

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We think we know the cause of the bug now, thanks to Myth.


So far it seems if you have placed the trigger for the job too close to the sea it causes the "bad data" error. The only option is to move the trigger slightly in-land and re-publish.This then causes another bug as the re-published job appears as if it were new (no plays, no likes) and the old one you apparently updated is still there, but at least you have a working version of it.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Sometimes the trigger can't be moved and you end up in a loop where the job keeps resetting itself. This means the job is completely broken and can't be used. I've attached a video of the problem. Hopefully we can get Rockstar to notice this problem and fix it properly.


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This really needs addressing...


I know you fond a work around Squirrel but have you got links to any tickets you opened with R* that we can upvote?

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Cheers Squizzel, just upvoted and copied the link to spread it around a little :)

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