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Join On Me! (All Platforms - Community)


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//\\Join On Me! Discord//\\Join On Me! Social Club//\\


A hundred crews clamber over one another every day to recruit new members. They range from all sorts of categories from hardcore rank-based crews to easy-going chatters. How does one find the right crew? Trial and error as well as experiencing what everyone has to offer but crews tend to fall apart over time due to real-life getting in the way and interests moving on to other projects. You're now left stranded with power-mongering leaders or uninterested members. Where does someone that simply wants to game go from there? It's easy, they go for a community.

Join On Me! is a community-based group that differentiates itself by removing strict rules set by standard crews and swaps it out for basic rules that ensure a healthy community filled with different type of players that can co-exist. That means all possible types of players are welcomed and encouraged to do their own thing: to be themselves. Not fitting to a norm or molded into something other than yourself. That self-image is important to grow as a player and we encourage all individuals to express themselves in their own manner, may it be racing, photography, competing against others and so on. This not only sticks to gaming but extends to other interests so it's possible to find others interested in the same hobbies that you have. We're also very keen on helping one another in anything that we, as a community, have knowledge in.


It doesn't matter if you've been in one crew, a few, or none at all - you'll note the difference immediately when coming into contact with members of Join On Me! The community aspect ensures that. You're not a number or just another chest to put a jacket on. You'll always be welcomed by friendly faces and your interests always being placed at the top of our list. The diversity we provide is unlike any other and the feeling of a virtual home being a reality. The short-term goal for our members is to get them acquainted with the community. The long-term goal for our members is to provide them with the opportunity to create their own mark and become pillars within the community that will embrace their uniqueness and personality.


Join On Me! is based out of Discord where we have a server with various channels to attract all tastes from Rockstar Games, Forza, Rainbow Six to more typical chat topics and regular community contests and rewards. The way the server is arranged ensures someone will find a "spot" to lounge and make friends; there is something for everyone. Top that off with engaging members and community leaders, and you've got varied members from all over the world getting to know each other like very few groups manage to achieve.

Joining the community is easy and simple! Anyone interested may join using the Discord link at the top of this post, or just start talking to us here to see if you would be a great fit for Join On Me!


This community is one which ensures maturity is at the forefront of our beliefs. At the end of a hard day you just want to sit down and relax. It can be very frustrating to find people in-game that don't want to constantly blow your car up or shoot you on sight and having that barrier helps to ward off the types that could affect the quality our members want. We generally seek members over the age of 18. However, we do look into cases that have members less than the required age as these members are valued on their personality as well as their strengths. We don't want this group to be "exclusive", and 18 years of age and up is a guideline, but assessing the maturity level of those under the age of 18 is something we consider so we don't leave out those that truly want to join our family.




Thread Format: livejoker
Text Edits: Grumpy-Goat-
Pictures: JOM Members

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There it is ladies and gentlem... ahh who am I kidding? This is the GTAF! Ladies and gentlefolk are scarce. In any case I'm so happy and proud to finally have the Join On Me community in a place where we are ready to share ourselves with a larger audience.


The growth and implementation has not been easy and has been met with many growing pains as all fresh starts do. It is all because of our dedicated members and leaders like LJ, Torie, and many others that make JOM the home it has become.


Stop by our discord and when you do and see me playing GTA or anything else you fancy, always feel free to join on me! I love catch phrases ;)

Edited by Grumpy-Goat-
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Hey yall, its your sometimes friendly neighborhood Pterodactyl and co founder of Join on Me.


If you are searching for a place to make great friends and have steady people to play with and run missions with, look no further. We have members on all consoles and our interests vary greatly. I can 99.9% guarantee that you'll find a comfy home with us.


If you have any questions, please do not hestitate to reach out to me!

Edited by Toridactyl
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Well it felt only appropriate that I finally make my personal crew car with matching attire! You know, for those important business-type things. Like recruiting/inviting new members!


A couple fresh faces have already found their way into the JOM family, yours could be next :)

Edited by Grumpy-Goat-
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Good work and good luck!! Quality group here, seems to have grown quite a bit.

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Good work and good luck!! Quality group here, seems to have grown quite a bit.

You're always welcome here.

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Quickly popping in to announce something rather special...

We're proud to announce Movie Night! Each week or so we vote on a small selection of movies (as well as recommendations from users) to which we use a poll to determine what movie we watch together. Streaming it allows everyone to watch the movie, make real-time comments in chat and allows a relaxing evening with friends a pleasant experience. In all my time on Discord I haven't seen anything quite like it so I'm pretty excited about this one. In other news, Pic Of The Week contest is going strong with a variety of games being showcased. If anyone wants any more info on JOM or its Discord server, please drop a comment. :)

Edited by livejoker
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We hope everyone had a great Independence Day that celebrates it!


In addition to our recent movie night activities JOM will now be hosting game nights every so often for its members and associates! Follow the stream and play along, this type of activity brings together members on all platforms because you watch and play via your smart phone!


Thanks for stopping by, and maybe we will see YOU in our community discord!

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  • 2 weeks later...

Looking for someone to help with those gun-running sales?




Wanna unleash some havoc on a public lobby with your new weaponized toys?




Perhaps show off that new car?




Then join our community discord here: https://discord.gg/5YSEeujand meet up with other PS4, Xbox, and some (like 1 or 2... sorry) PC players too.

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Join On Me as our community continues to break the wall between platforms for the sake of community! We are about more than GTA, we are about community! :)



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The cool thing about JOM, for me, is that I can show off personal projects of mine and not fall under the flag of a crew. For example, I've just completed my work on the latest Garage Wars, a type of car meet where people show off a garage they own and we vote on the best car in there. With JOM I can share my own car meet thread where I hosted the event and not have it directly affiliate itself with a crew. It's hard to explain. Basically, we're promoting our members to grow as a person, show off their own projects and share them with us. Here's my favorite shots from the event, most if not all members that showed up were JOM which reinforces the community aspect of it all.

Don't be shy to drop by the JOM Discord and share with us your own project!



Apologies. I totally forgot about the one bump per week rule.

Edited by livejoker
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Come on fellas, this isn't gang chat, this is the Recruitment Section and you know the rules: one bump per



Set a good example now, please and thank you.

Edited by ~Tiger~
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