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Is this a bug ?

Ezio Baggins

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Ezio Baggins

Image : "http://i.imgur.com/BVWj5wM.jpg"BVWj5wM.jpg

I am using a mod

However, with some vehicles, when I try to draw bounding boxes around entities,
It does not create appropriate bounding boxes.

For example in the picture shown,
In the players bounding box, the upper face is way above the head of the player.
In infernus care case, why is the roof of the car outside the bounding box ?.

I have seen the source code the the mod, however I find no issue with the code,
he's just using entity.position and entity.getdimension() to create the bounding box, but still why are am I getting wrong bounding boxes ?

Edited by Ezio Baggins
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according to the source code, it seems fine, however, it looks like franklin's model has special dimensons on purpose.

i would rather not draw boxes but create them myself with DRAW_LINE in order to avoid this.


for ped models (well at least human models) you can retrieve the entity height and feet pos, play with offsets and draw your lines.

again, if the bounding box for the infernus is too close to the actual entity, just increase the max var.

Edited by ins1de
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It' wasn't really a bug, but somebody was nice enough to make a pull request improving the bounding boxes. You can find the latest version here.

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