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Playing GTA Online in First Person View.


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Hello to everyone !


For the past few day i been playing GTA online entirely in first person and i have to admit that so far i am loving this new perspective.


It gives a much more immersive way of playing, and its very fun, although its also very challenging (landing aircrafts and cover being one of then)


But i noticed that i never found someone in GTA online so far playing in this perspective, which makes me think that i might be one of the few persons who plays like that.


I want to know what do you guys think about FPS view in GTA Online , do you also play in this perspective ? if possible i also want some tips about the configuration of this view, if i should leave auto-center in car and on foot on or off.

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But i noticed that i never found someone in GTA online so far playing in this perspective


I assume you are not on PC ?



Because in Freeaim the First person is the only way to go in terms of combat.


As for the vehicle driving, I do enjoy a casual drive in first person.

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First person in GTA Online? Let's put it this way:


Sniping is f*cked up badly.


Quicker movements than 3rd person.


Faster up stairs than in 3rd person.


Less recoil on weapons than in 3rd person.


Conclusion, 1st person was completely rushed and should have it's own separate sessions.

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But i noticed that i never found someone in GTA online so far playing in this perspective


I assume you are not on PC ?




Playing on the xbox one, yep, auto-aim

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I always play in first person when on foot(PC, free aim with mouse+keyboard, third person cover, auto center off), and usually on motorcycles as well(Oppressor is the exception).


It does have disadvantages as well: Sometimes the camera movements can be absolutely nauseating, especially when trying to walk up inclines that are too steep(the camera will get wrenched upwards unnaturally). Looking around corners is also impossible, so enemies get the first shot.

There's also the glaring oversight of having no hitmarkers when aiming down 3D sights, which means it's really difficult to judge whether an enemy is dead or not(in PvE, especially since even with the new ammo types they're ridiculous bullet sponges).


I like the more direct control over my movement. It's comparable to aiming while in third person so you don't get the oil tanker turning circle.

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I did the Heists all in first person to get the award - was actually easier in some ways - felt it much easier to avoid being shot and your movement control feels much tighter.

Driving the Armoured Kuruma was a real pain! In fact it felt easier to ride motorbikes than drive cars to be honest.

We did this around Christmas time last year, so I had the challenge of flying the plain you collect from the airfield back to the airport in the fog and snow! Was tough to see where the ground stopped and the sky started!

But a really good challenge - wish you got more than $500k for doing it!!

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I gave 1st person mode a try when i returned to gta online couple months ago. Wasnt too hard to get the hang of but i really want to see my surroundings when driving and doing missions. Perhaps i give it a try again and practise more

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I only use first person when i drive a car. I can actually drive better in first person :D

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I've used first person on foot since the game came out on Xbox One. It offers a lot of advantages, but the simple benefit of needing to only hold the run button instead of tapping it is the biggest difference for me. Also you don't need to hold the stick forward to run, just press it in the direction you want to go and let off. Plus you run/swim quicker in first person. There are times when I need to switch to 3P like if I need to see around a corner or get a wider view of what's around but 90% of the time I'm on foot, I'm in 1P.

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