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LED Samsung TV issue - dark stripe

chronic lumbago

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Hey, I have a feeling my TV is slowly giving it up. I don't have the warranty papers anymore, but it's quite old by now anyways. 5 years or more at least.


It's a Samsung LED TV flat screen, I can look up the exact model if it helps. It's full HD, has 3D but it's not a Smart TV so not exactly the newest model on the market.


Now to the issue: Let's divide my screen through 5.The 2/5 part of my screen (starting above) is darker than the rest of the screen. It's a horizontal line. It's not completely dark, I can still see it clearly, but the difference in brightness is still noticable. As if I turned the brightness down for thus part of the screen.


It has nothing to do with my outputs. When I disconnect my HDMI sources, the stripe is still clearly visible on the TV's menu screen. I also tried the intergrated screen test feature and it still appears so it's a problem with the TV itself.


Repairing is pretty much pointless and I'll most likely have to invest in a new TV. But my question is, will it get worse over time? Because I still can use this TV. It's a little frustrating but it's not fatal damage. I can adjust the backlight brightness and other settings to make it less noticable. Maybe I'll end up buying a new TV eventually.


Anyone else had this issue? Any fixes?


Edit: It's really noticable with the color white. Instead of white, the part of the screen is gray.

Edited by fashion
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Not sure what it's called but it's not fixable and yes, it can get worse. I've seen screens that are on pretty much 24/7 and they look pretty cloudy and gotten worse over time.

Edited by ΣΓ
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Thanks for the answer, even though it's not the one I wanted to hear. Still glad it lived a decent time without breaking. I hope it'll still last a while.


Just did a simple white screen test on my PS4 browser. The dark zone is very noticable, even on some edges I didn't notice before. Why it broke so suddenly is beyond me. Turned it on without even touching the TV and there it was.

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LCDs break eventually in some way. My monitor had a dead pixel one or two days after purchase (not covered by warranty). I'm planning to get a more premium one.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Have you tried contacting Samsung. I have a old LCD probably more then 10 years since i bought it, at around 6-7 year the top of the sreen started to get darker, not straight lines but random dark shades coming from the top going down to the middle. I called them, no warranty, no nothing just to see if it could be repaired and how mutch it would cost and they sent someone to my house, took the TV and a week later it was fixed, and they didnt take anything for it. Now its starting to show up again so its time to buy a new one.

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