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GTAEmblem and PMC Emblem


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Hi, I need an emblem for my PMC called "Raven Security Company.


I would like it to look like this:police-20badge-20clipart-20black-20and-2

Except change "Police" to "Raven Security" and change the circle to a Raven. I would also like for the emblem to be a patch and to have a stitching texture to it. Thank you in advanced.


As for the GTAEmblem part of the post, I do not have a Paypal account therefore I can't buy the emblem. Is there anyone with an account that has unlimited funds willing to put my emblem on my crews? (There are several divisions within my PMC but I only need 1 emblem for them all) thank you!

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Has anyone ever told you they loved you? Thank you bro! It looks awesome! But, the codes on the link you sent me are all expired which sucks because I was stoked to get to have that as my emblem.

Edited by OmGitsaPotato
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Has anyone ever told you they loved you?

On the Forums? I'm not too sure :inlove:


Anyhow, if the GTAE codes don't work, have you tried gta-s.com? Because If I remember rightly when you sign up, you get 1 free emblem upload credit automatically. I believe there are 2 or 3 promo codes for their site too on that list, but like you said, there's a chance that they may have expired, nevertheless, its worth a try.

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