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May Be Done With GTA



Anyone else extremely bored of GTA and considering ditching it? Retardstar false advertise "ANTI AIRCRAFT" but the pile of sh*t does not take down jets. Also the game is still broken as hacked lap times have not been reset so new players will never get "The Record Holder" award, also the Award for picking up a special Crate still hasn't been removed. All in all I think I am seriously coming to an end with GTA, the new weapons are going to make griefers even worse and it will truly put an end to PVP. Adding on, everything is ridiculously priced and it takes months to purchase sh*tty items that are all false advertised. Missions etc pay nothing, Retardstar patch completely harmless things like outfit glitches, fireworks have now been removed.


It just seems that Retardstar are in fact trolls themselves, they don't seem to have a single brain cell in creativity. Every single mission, CEO, BIKER, GUNRUNNING work is the same boring crap over and over and over again: "drive to so and so and bring back the supplies" wait years for the flipping warehouse etc to fill up. Boring!


Yes I have a modded account with all Awards etc and enough money for everything but why are retardstar still not realising their game is broken, for new players they are never unlocking Awards such as "The Record Holder & Pick Up A special Crate" but no, the brain dead morons don't bother with patching those things, they just patch harmless things.


Sorry for the rant guys, please just remember it's all just my opinion and I was just wondering if any of you are completely bored of GTA now? It's not just the boredom, it is the fact Retardstar do not flipping listen to their customers! Seriously thinking of never buying a game from this "company" ever again.


Let me know what you all think of GTA.

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2 answers to this question

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Retardstar? Grow up.

You own a cheated account, therefore you never earnt any f*cking thing that you own yourself, what makes you think you have an idea of how long it takes to get enough money to buy things?

The vehicles ARE antiair. They never said anti jet, they said anti air. They do take down air vehicles. Also, the half track is pretty damn good at shredding jets to pieces.


Only downsides of this update are: explosive heavy sniper, rockets on oppressor, and that you have to research liveries. Nothing was "falsy advertised". You're right about one thing, the leaderboards, gotta give you that one.


Glad to see another cheater leaving.

Edited by update_lsc

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