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Medium Finds:


1. With M4, press O without holding R1. Before the gun fires, hold R1, the shot was canceled.


2. With the M60, you can fire while crouched holding R1, but not when you are firing regularly. Try fire in R1 crouch stance, then quickly uncrouching regularly.




Trees for climbing


1. Besides the outdoor room behind the pizza place with a doorway facing the stadium is a tree, near the beach. Use it to jump the wall over into the room.


2. To the left of the havana street wear shop is an assortment of trees in a turn-around. The farthest south can be used to get up the building for rampage or unique stunt.


3. Behind the malibu is a tree, you can jump from that to the top of the malibu.


4. In little haiti where the dirty licken's mission took place is a little blue shop. That tree is also available for rampagation


5. At SSA is a tree falling over the path you take to get to the pay'n spray, it is possible to jump the whole way to your garages with a jump from there.




Ultimate Finds:


1. Head to the boat docks and up the first boat you see where that one print works mission took place. Head up till you can't go up no more. Now align yourself facing directly south at the exact center of the guardrail opposite the stairs. Jump over that and you will land on a set of wires. Climbg them to the gold towers at the center of the boat and go hella nuts.


2. Use the pcj and the ramps at the airport beside the top fun van to reach the top of the ariport building. Now ramp east, you will land on another building. Keep going till you reach the carmageddon location. Very coo.


3. On VCPR, alex shrubb claims he would take away the funding of the station. Maurice claims there is no funding. The show later goes on to say that they don't want to replace the funding of the show with fast food chains. What funding? whu?


4. In gta3, Toni from flashback goes to say a drummer's name, something about a tour bus, and it was muffled. I beleive it may have been someone from love fist, but hey.. who knows.


5. BOOYAH! Take PCJ to the helipad at the VCN chopper, now ramp south onto the tallest building, onto the next white building, across the catwalk and to the other side. Then drop down on the thin catwalk and ramp off.


6. BOOYAH! Take PCJ to the hymen condo, then ramp off the helipad northwestwards. Go around the building sticking from the ceiling of the one you're on and ramp down onto one near the grass. Now run it south and onto the little grey median thingy and it will ramp back onto another building heading to the pizze joint


7. BOOYAH! Take PCJ to helip again, only now ramp north, you can now head east and onto the bowling alley, after a few jumps.


8. BOOYAH! Getting from hymen condos to the vcn chopper without being seen? Possible. Jump south onto the building with the stairs. Now jump over into the junkyard behind ammunation, jump east again, again and again and run behind the buildings.


9. BOOYAH! Jump east off of the hymen condos and you will land on the tacopolypse thingy Rampage galore, and the chopper has a horrible time getting to you.


10. For someone to jack your hunter, you can NOT be in it, let it sit like a normal car at vice point, i may have said this in a topic earlier, but n00bs may be sniffin


11. When rolling against a wall (after a jump or fall), press jump repeatdly and you will pop up.


12. BOOYAH!!!! Take the PCJ up the construction site building to the very top. Now head west to that side, south to that side, and ramp north. You will land on the golf course island if very lucky.


13. There is no 13... is there???? BUH BUH BUMMMMM....

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Yet more great finds, man..


We'll miss you sharing all your knowledge of Vice with us...


Especially these glitches which I never seem to find. lmao..




The Precinct - We're upping our standards, so up yours!

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Very cool, the ramping is hell-of-a awesome. I have done them all, thanks for giving me a reason to get back on a bike, I just loved the construction site ramp (which I made btw, on a sanchez fuk the PCJ! pfft luck? my arse :p) these should have been official unique stunts!


Seriously gonna miss these kinda posts from you man. I like challenges. :*(


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You sure do play GTA Vice City alot don't you? B/C it seems like everytime I come in here you have found a new secret.



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You sure do play GTA Vice City alot don't you? B/C it seems like everytime I come in here you have found a new secret.

Ah, yes, he's a veteran.


SniperGuy salutes TLC
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m00! Just found a tree east of pizza shop in vice point. Jump from the top Northwards to land on the apartments!


Thanks for the compliments guys..

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