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Mystery Black Van

Wasted Wasted Wasted

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Wasted Wasted Wasted

Been meaning to sign up to ask this for a little while but just remembered to due to the recent sad modding news. Sidenote for admins: I had to Google the registration security question - seems a li'l harsh for those who don't know a great deal about GTA.


Anyway, I was in the area roughly between Michael and Franklin's home (after game completion) playing as Franklin when I saw a red dot on the minimap, which led to a black van. The door was locked and whoever was inside didn't seem to want to be stopped but they weren't aggressive and killing them didn't result in anything. Just wondering what on earth this was about. If it helps, this was after solving the murder mystery (50 letter scraps) and on the Xbox 360.


There's really not much else to say. Just a question that I can't get a straight answer from Google for.

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Wasted Wasted Wasted

Huh. Well, that's the right van and the right place. Strange how I've only seen it once. Unsurprisingly, it isn't marked as complete in the Social Club.

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If you trigger but don't complete, it should re-trigger later.

How many Lost bikers did you kill?

If the 2nd biker got away, the girl won't get out of the van, so possibly not a bug, just a mission "failure".

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Wasted Wasted Wasted

I don't recall killing any bikers. Something definitely didn't go to plan.


Anyway, I'm not bothered about finishing the random events. Just got to finish the stunt jumps, under the bridge and OH MY GOD THE KNIFE FLIGHTS. Then I'll probably move onto GTA IV.


Thanks for satisfying my curiosity.

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Wasted Wasted Wasted

What van was it? A Speedo or Gang Burrito?


The latter. This one:



Edited by Wasted Wasted Wasted
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The special event probably just glitched then.

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I see wot u did there

Strange, for all 400 hours of the game I have not seen such

Nah me neither must be a glitch

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