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MC cocaine sale problem....PLEASE HELP ME !


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So guys it's like this....i have COCAINE,METH and ARMS business...

When i sale ARMS i get payed...when i sale METH i also get paid....BUT when i sale cocaine i DON'T get payed !!!

This issue is from today....i had a big sale of cocaine today...and after i finished the sale it came up some kind of error in the game like when you get kicked out which i didn't read it well....but it was something like this: "EXIT AND REFRESH THE GAME AND TRY AGAIN" i remember only that....

So i exit the game and enter again....after that .....i had 10 sales on cocaine and none of them got payed.....it says succesfull delivery...but doesn't show up the money up-right...also checked my balance before and after sale it stays the same....not even 1$ up...exited the game and entered 100 times until now.


Please if you know something what should i do tell me...Thanks

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I've also posted about this. I made a six minute video on it with my xb dvr, but dont know how to send it to rock star.

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I kinda solved the issue...i bought a new cocaine lockup :S and now it makes money

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I tried doing a local sale and it works. I might try the Los Santos sale later today.

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I bought another business, and that works fine with both sales. I guess the problem is only with the alamo dessert location

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I can sell the coke produced at my SS lab, however yesterday and today the stolen 75K supply has only produced product worth 45K or 28K depending where i deliver it.

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Ya i have the same problem. When i buy supplies worth 75k. it only yield product worth 48k. Seems like a bad idea :)

I also only seem to produce 1, sometimes 2 bars of product from a full 5 bars of supplies. That is with only the staff upgrade, not the equipment one. Overall the Biker businesses seems like a bad bad place to earn money.

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Tails Prower

I guess I'll stay out of my businesses for a while then.


Thought something fishy was afoot when I saw my Merth lab had a low value for the product, hopefully they fix this issue soon.

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