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FPS Drop



So after downgrading to windows 7 ultimate from windows 10,i started having issue while playing gta 5 fps starts to drop but not all the time i can play like hour/two and then it starts r, tried switching texture to high from v high didn't work tried switching normal still fps is droping.Did benchmark fps is 60-63 untill vinewood chase scene there goes from 60 to 50-40 and when explosion 35.Tried switching to borderless fulscreen also tried switching power options,tried eiditing power menagment in power options setting it to 99%.Didn't work i even turned on turbo on cpu no change at all.Up till now didn't have this issue,gpu r9 270 dual-x sapphire 2gb ,cpu i5 4690k,ram 8gb.












In advance everything is disabled.I tried googling the answer but tried almost all none work.Anyone has any suggestions?Maybe it's because i am using nod i use to use bytedefender.

Edited by Qaziush

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2 answers to this question

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So i think i figure it out it's real time system protection i disabled it and played all day today gta 5.No issue,there are still some shutter but not as bad ones i had before.Also kept power options on high perfomance.Which is weird dunno why i check with aida64 extreme in game and gta is using like 4.5k ram.Both temp are fine cpu is about 40c and gpu is about 70c (need to change thermal paste and silicon thermal tape on gpu)and both mobo and hdd ware at 40c . For now this is fix but ill stick check web for more. solutions.Also this doesn't happen to any another game i am playing.

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Well it wasn't anti virus fault it was gta 5 fualt it leaks memory

NOQX7Oa.jpgIt starts with 3.5k free memory then goes down and down and down i tried fix from reddit to menage my own resource but did not work.

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