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Echelon PMC Unit Recruitment

SIl Isaac S039

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SIl Isaac S039

I'm Captain, SIl Isaac S039 I'm the second in Command of a PMC Unit called "Echelon". We've bootstarted ourselves on GTA V Online, Looking for new members to join us, we are currently going off of the United States Army Structure for MoS' and Chain of Command Structures.


Our Commanding Officer is Colonel. S11 042 Douglas


Currently we are recruiting for the 11B Infantry Personal, Down below is our Rules and Regulations. Additionally we use Discord as a different form of communication, if you don't have it then that's fine. As we have the Social Club Crews and the Xbox Live Clubs. We aren't always serious, but we can be when it comes to the need for it. But most of the time we are pretty chill "Off Duty."


Hope see you potential Recruits.


Rules and Regulations:


-Follow all orders and do not question them.
-Respect all members and officers any disrespect will be punishable
-Show up to a majority of trainings if you do you will be rewarded with a rank up (We get if you have to do something but if we see you on another game and you come up with a crappy excuse, you will be punished)
-Stay in the crew at all times, if you are seen in another crew, you will be discharged.
-All new members will go through a "Recruit" Phase (See Document on Recruit Phase)
-You are to be in uniform while with the Unit you may go out of uniform when an officer says so or if you are off duty.
-If any of these rules are broken you will be punished, some will have strikes and others will be instant removal of the unit.
-DO NOT mess with another crew, this will cause problems for all members and if you cause a problem you will be removed, no questions asked.
-DO NOT ENGAGE other players unless you are engaged first.
-DO NOT KILL OTHER MEMBERS, if you do you will be punished.


-Must have a mic no Kinect
-Must have certain vehicles (See List)
-Must be of age 13+
-Be Active


Message myself or the CO if you are interested in Joining..


CPT. SIl Isaac S039 | Echelon PMC XO | 75th Ranger Regt [sF]
COL. S11 042 Douglas | Echelon PMC CO | 75th Ranger Regt [sF]


https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/echelon_pmc_unit[sC Crew]

Edited by ~Tiger~
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