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I/E after the solo session patch


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I haven't had a chance to play since Gunrunning went live and I like some of the new stuff, particularly the MOC which has inexplicably been locked to bunker owners, so I have to buy a bunker first. Unfortunately I spent too much time goofing around with friends before the update and my balance is just short of 600k, which means I need the money equivalent of a Whale Shark Card, AKA 3.5 million, to get a decent bunker + MOC setup ($1165000 and $1225000 for the bunker and MOC respectively is just too good to be true).


I gather that the best way to make money is still Import / Export, so assuming I'm a lone wolf, make occasional mistakes and may get ravaged by the aimbot AI, I make about 250k an hour which equals 16 hours of car smuggling, which I can definitely handle. But is this still actually possible? Thanks to a certain scumbag at C*, both solo session methods I knew of, namely the MTU800 setting and the time / date glitch, have been patched. Is there another means of getting a solo session now or do I have to watch out for basement-dwelling degenerates who want to destroy my cars? And if there is no other solo session method, what is a money-making alternative to I/E that's not named Heists?

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The MTU trick still works. I have been using MTU600 since biker update. It might take few minutes to connect to online and sometimes I get message saying that I timed out, but eventually it connects.

Today it took maybe 15 minutes and three tries, but I got in and played 8 hours after that with zero problems.

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I use the suspend task in task manager on pc. Works like a charm every time I use it

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MTU seems to work from what I've heard (and posted here). Set it at 750 and see if that works. Heard 800 has issues but anywhere from 600-800 should do it.

X1 here, cannot confirm for PS4 but setting up wireless connection and then plugging in wired connection gave me an empty lobby for the whole night (until I went to bed at 6AM). I'd give that a go as well.

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Yeah MTU is the way to go on PS4 for now. Like livejoker said, anything between 600 and 800 is best. Expect the occasional time out, but it's worth the additional loading time knowing that randoms won't be able to join.

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