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El jefe vest glitch? (AFTER 1.24)


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Does anybody know how to glitch the el jefe bodyguard vest or know of a method that still works after the lastest gunrunning patch (1.24)

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Shower method should still work.


CEO outfits required a yacht, unsure if that still works.

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Ahh :p didnt know it was 1.40, the patch note said 1.24 on my ps4 lol


Whats the shower method? I just want the bodyguard vest so i can have it on top of my military uniform

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ok so ive tried a couple different methods and they dont seem to work


ive tried the maze bank survival glitch with no luck


cant use the hottub glitch cause now it just kicks you out of the clothing menu when u enter


and im specifically looking to get the "El Jefe" military vest so im pretty sure I need to be the ceo in order to glitch it to my character



is there any other way that you guys may have heard or tried yourselves? cause Rockstar really seemed to have cleaned up their game since GR update

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Handsome Jack

Wtf didnt they even add this f*cking thing? f*cking R* are dummies. Oh you get it in the Oppresser mission as one of the custom outfits you're forced to wear but you cant buy it? f*ck off. Check sevensins there should be an option to help you out with these outfits.



Edited by The Happy Clown
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If the save adversary mode outfit glitch still works, you can start up the final Special Gunrunning mission (the one after Data Breach where you jump from the Cargoplane) and perform the glitch to save the El Jefe vest with a black jacket underneath:


Load mission -> spam visor -> time out/suspend application and find new session.


If that got patched then, I'm stumped.

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i know, i dont know how much meth Cockstar smoked before dropping this update, literally an update thats based on militias and "military grade" sh*t.

out of 750 pieces of new clothing added to gunrunning... not one f*cking piece of that 750 were put to actual military vests or better boots, even the new combat gloves were laughable, but no, gotta throw in like 30 f*cking zombie masks for who f*cking knows who?

its literally just reskins of the same new camos, applied to various articles of clothing, so f*cking lazy its embarrasing


idk, personally i would have had 0 problems droppin like 100k for that El Jefe vest if they just put it up for fckn sale but i guess Rockstar is allergic to money? makes absolutely no sense

but appreciate all your guy's help, literally. its funny how im making better progress talking to you fine folks here on the forums, getting me closer to that vest, rather than me just sit around, Dick in hand, waiting another 2 years before

RetardStar decides they wanna put the stupid thing up for sale :/


whats the big idea with holding out on some of the clothing anyways? if its f*cking coded into the game, and it already exists in files, whats the point of adding them into the game in the first place if your not gunna offer it for sale at a later date (reasonable date, not 2-3yrs later) :p

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