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How to begin as a new player?


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Okay so I really want to begin GTA online but I don't want to rush into it and regret making mistakes. I want to be well informed of the best and logical way to be successful in terms of level, money and missions completed. I have two options, one is to start legit and grind and do it that way. The second option is to buy a 3million or higher cash card and begin from there.


In either options, which in your opinion is the best way to go in terms of missions, what to buy etc?

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Buying a Shark Card isn't a terrible idea if you're just starting out. However, there are definitely ways to make money without spending your real-life money.


You should always have a goal in mind. I'm not sure how much money per hour gunrunning is since it was only released yesterday, but you can earn upwards of $500K (or $600K if you go fast) per hour if you have a couple biker businesses, a car warehouse, and a Buzzard (for Headhunter when waiting for cooldowns on sourcing cars). However, getting all of these things will cost you a lot of money. Probably more than $10 million. So you need cash, and fast. One option is to find a heist team and grind out The Pacific Standard Job. Doing this and getting good at it will mean you're earning around $400K per hour. It's really good money, but it's really boring once you've done it hundreds and hundreds of times. It also has very low requirements - you have to be level 12, and you must own a high end apartment which costs $205K minimum - and it has no requirements whatsoever if you're just part of a crew, the requirements I just said only apply if you want to host your own heist. Hosting your own heist is no different to joining someone else's - you'll all earn the same amount of money per hour.


If you're on PC, I can offer you some more help. Add me on Social Club: HalfOfAKebab.

Edited by HalfOfAKebab
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^this might help you

- Start with working for CEOs and Bikers and ask them to do freeroam missions like headhunt, fortified, fully loaded or executive search. Start from the bottom and slowly go to the top.
Thats part of the fun. After a while you can buy a small apartment ar a garage. Later invest in CEO office and I/E garage (easiest way to get good profit)

- Play 2x $ & RP events to quickly lvl up

- Playing modes like RPG vs Insurgents also works

Edited by Piro
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I would suggest to start out with contact missions just to get yourself familiar with the game and the layout of everything. Start like everyone else with the bare bones. There is no shame in getting a $20 shark card.

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Earn enough money to buy the Buzzard.


Register as a VIP and you can run the Headhunter and Sightseer missions (no CEO office required) You can do VIP work in invite only sessions and avoid the PVP riff-raff.


Learn how to score the rare/sellable custom NPC vehicles off of the streets. If you're on PS4, send me a PM and I'll hook you up with a Dubsta2.

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Luckily for you, Rockstar reduced the minimum amount of money needed to become a VIP from $1,000,000 down to $50,000. A few contact missions should get you there in no time then you can start focusing on VIP work, where the real moneymaking starts :D

Edited by REXX
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Also being new to GTA Online here is my thoughts.


Get a bike, pretty much anything other than the scooter.

Get the free Elegy RH8 car. Looks good, lots of custom stuff & drives well, Oh and it's FREE


Don't waste your money on a big fancy house (yet) just some something cheap, somewhat local to the town area and will hold you car & bike.


I got a lot of my funds and stuff from doing missions, Blow Up, Blow Up II, Blow Up III are quick & easy. If you can tag along on missions with more experienced players without having to do anything they are just helping you earn & level up that's a huge help.


When you can, get a Buzzard attack helicopter, I'm by no means an expert at all but I spend 90% of my time on the Bati 801 bike or in my Buzzard when I'm traveling. The other 10% is just to & from the custom shop to mod stuff lol


Not a lot of stuff there but that info would have helped me a bunch when I first started.


Everyone has their own feedback, this is just mine.



Oh, and when the time comes, I recommend buying the "2 crate/$8,000" option every time.

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  • 1 year later...

Join a crew!


Do missions. 

Jack cars and sell them at Los Santos

Do convenience store holdups

Once you have enough, buy a cheap two-vehicle garage

Order the Elegy (free car)

steal a bike (MC missions)

Don't buy a small apartment, you don't need it. Save up for a luxury apartment (it's a lot) ; this allows you access to a CEO office (also a lot) where you start making real money.

Buy the Buzzard when you have the money (also alot).

The rest is gravy, as they say...



Edited by zortation
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Don't buy a shark card, what you experience working from the very bottom up will make you a better player in the long run. 

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if you're on xbox one, add me.   you won't see me online, but i usually am, and if i see you i'll help you.    


this is a good week to be a bodyguard.    2X bonus on Terrorbyte jobs is sick as hell.



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