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Overall Thoughts?


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Well, we went through 6 grueling months of hell and speculation for this. Did this update live up to the hype? Is everybody happy? Who thinks this is the best update ever?


My favorite thing about this update is that Sleeveless Hoodies can now be worn with bracelets and watches. I waited 6 months for this :lol:

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Every good word you can ever think of


My thoughts pretty much about Gunrunning

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So far, my experiences have been:



Cargobob no longer drops car randomly (supposedly)

Lots of new vehicles and upgrades that are neat

New armed vehicle missions are a lot of fun, so far at least

Fewer jets in public lobbies

Some of the new vehicles are considered personal garage vehicles, and have custom options



The explosive heavy sniper basically ruins helicopters for good

Jets are still around, and the AA measures were thought we were getting don't really work

Aside from the vehicle missions outside free mode, virtually everything is public session only

Much harder to easily get (and keep) solo public lobbies, which is even more of an issue than previously given the above factors

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My main gripe is that the time (or cost for fast tracking) research is a little ridiculous (3+ hours/unlock I read somewhere with a max upgraded bunker?).


Other then that it's basically Bikers 2.0 game play wise with some I/E on the side (Vehicle Missions).


Still waiting on research to try out all the really good stuff.

Edited by HipHopHead
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Lord Darantuin

It's pretty much just as I said it would turn out... The free roam is a military warzone where only those with the most high tech military equipment/vehicles can triumph... In other words, GTAO is officially a war game now, which of course is very unique and fresh seeing as the markets aren't at all filled with war games with modern weapons and vehicles of war, right?


Don't get me wrong, this game's been going a bit south for a while now with the stunt races (floating racetracks in the sky.. magical!), scifi stuff (like the shotaro), and other gamebreaking immersion killer implementations but I think it's reached new heights with this recent DLC.


It's not 100% bad, but for the most part it's the final nail to the coffin for the game balance, by which I mean; everything that is or has ever been in this game is now useless against the latest military tech in GTAO. ... GJ R* You just made 99% of your game content obsolete xD

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I enjoy how it tells you the freemode event even if in passive.


Loving all the new vehicles. Haven't been able to pick a favorite yet. Need more time to test.

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I'm split. I'm glad for the update but it feels more like a cash grab. You either gotta wait for the research or pay a 255k or low if you want any of the vehicle upgrades. It takes forever for the weapons to be built. And PvP is forever broken thanks to the juggernaut suit and explosive bullets.


Overall the only thing I like is the rocket bike, weaponized Tampa, MOC and the missions. Everything else is meh.

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Average, same old dlc style reskinned. And some of the people I saw on YouTube were so excited, I don't get it. 8 new missions, couple of cars, and some weapon changes and people are calling it the biggest dlc ever??


Granted I don't play as much I have been, but it appears to me if I was still a grinder this dlc would be the worst one yet.

Edited by Punker104
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please stop me

I'm sure as hell that plane we jump out of with the new "flying bike" is the andromeda from GTA: SA

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Did they fixed the Faction?

It was never broken ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Semaj 2JZ♢

Nah, I've had stools with more substance and didn't stink half as much. 😐

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My overall thought is it is a money drain and pointless. Back to IE and MC for me

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The Thermal Scope, Nightvision Scope and Holographic sights look and function exactly how I wanted them to. A big :^: for new gameplay and gunplay.

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Smooth Longsack

I'm in love.

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Locomotive Engineer

I saved so much money by not buying any of this bunker business.

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please stop me


I think it's crap




Do we really need to carry on doing "this" in 2017? It's kinda spammy.


Anyways! I've enjoyed myself unlocking all of the new upgrades and wreaking havoc during the missions in los santos! Oppessor all day, Weaponzed Tampa all night!

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I haven't got too deep into it yet, but so far I'm having fun. I like the bunker. I always wanted to be a super villain.

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I like the fact that the delivery missions a somewhat challenging by having A.I. coming after you. Can't complain about the new weapon upgrades and vehicles. I only bought two pairs of gloves. Doing my illegal weapons selling in skirt and heels ;) My husband is shocked I didn't purchase the clothes..told him, that there was nothing beautiful lol



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I'm in love.

Me 2. Great update.

Edited by ragedandcaged
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It's an amazing update


But lmfao using first person mode on the AA gun let's you aim downwards way more than third person does it's hilarious

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The research kills it. Because of the randomized order, tons of unnecessary crap that doesn't warrant researching, and long research time, it'll be a while until you can really experience the good of the new vehicles.

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