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GunRunning update and Jets: what has changed?


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Splash damage one hit kill in the ground, if you asked for a jet killer, you got it and ground fighting will never be the same.

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They nerfed the Lazer.

I think some idiotic employee mixed up the hydra with the lazer.


There's absolutely no reason to nerf the lazer. The hydra however...


4 years later with an update based on anti-air vehicles, R* decides to nerf the only thing which wasn't overpowered (considering all you had to do to get it) and the best handling aerial vehicle.

Thanks R* again.


P.S: If you want to nerf something, what about NPCs...

Lazer wasn't overpowered? Gimme a f*cking break, not a single missile could touch besides the one in the R2K...it was the second best "handling aerial vehicle" in the game, being surpassed only by the Besra.


Now for the final nail in the coffin, they should remove the explosive cannons on both jets.


If they did that, I wouldnt mind if I lost the explosive ammo, or it were to be nerfed.



All that post was about a comparison between Hydra and Lazer. When i said it wasn't OP, i mean in comparison with the Hydra, which i consider much more OP than the Lazer.


They should remove everything that explodes, kills, rams you off, hurts you or even looks ugly.

Like Nintendogs. That's a good GTA.

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