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Little Help with YouTube?


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So I recently set up a YouTube channel which I want to upload gaming wins/fails of multiple games. My issue is how can I get people to submit clips? I have made a form that people can fill out and submit clips but obviously right now I have no fan base its kinda useless. Any tips and help would be amazing.

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Mister Pink

It's not really a gaming topic. It's more of a social media marketing/web technology/ question that may be answered in Technology. I''m locking this while I see if I can have this moved for you.


I will try help you though since I'm posting.


Set up of a "like, share subscribe" competition on Facebook.

Go to a local business with a proposal and see if they have anything that they can give you to give away as a prize. In return they get a lot of advertising for one of their products. Maybe make sure the product or service is relative to your user-base.


Get your friends to send in clips. Ask other YouTubers if you can use their clips with credit as you build a subscriber base.


Host regular competitions for best wins/fails with coupons or prizes for the winners based on votes. That ways entrants will share video on social media. Also if you get a good enough prize you can make one of the rules that entrants must share videos on Facebook or Twitter in order to be eligible to win.


Having a YouTube channel is great but Google's algorithms change all the time for SEO. It looks for quality of output across all social media. I don't know your level of SEO knowledge but it's worth learning. All Google's SEO info is there on line to get you started.


This will teach you how to advertise online as well as how some SEO works.


Here's what looks like a decent blog page (at a glance) about YouTube SEO.


Hope that helps.

Edited by Mister Pink
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