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Ideas regarding CEO/Biker sales


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Was doing a sale for one of my biker businesses yesterday (love the biker dlc btw, lots of very cool features), a full warehouse of coke, but was disappointed to find that the method of delivery was a fleet of 3 unarmed buzzards, many people will probably have done this mission before.


I was more than a little disappointed with the method of delivery. It just didn't feel to me like my little MC would utilize a fleet of buzzard helicopters to push a bit of coke, it felt more CEO than biker gang. I was carrying out this mission with the help of my brother and as we usually do we started discussing ways in which we felt this could be much better. For a start, my character doesn't actually own 3 buzzards, so we thought it would be a lot better if you could only utilize assets that are part of your MC, and the same could be done for CEO's, and more importantly, as it is YOUR business, you choose the method of delivery, taking into account available assets, manpower and potential risks.


A few examples of selling missions:

- If you are selling one bar of product (whatever it may be), this can be easily achieved by a small MC using saddle bags/duffle bags. One character can carry one bar of product, this method can then easily scale as an MC and it's businesses grow.

- Two bars worth of product can be transported via the boot of a car (instead of riding a bike my brother happened to be using a black dukes and somehow it fit in very well with a biker escort)

- Up to 5 bars of product can be transported using a single van (also giving the player a sensible reason to actually own a van)


The player can then make a decision how to carry out a sale and how much product to sell. Spreading 5 bags across 5 riders may be faster, especially if you plan to sell cross county and you're less likely to lose all your product in one go if things go south. Downside is you then need more riders, and bikers are more vulnerable being easily shot or rammed off their bikes, and duffle/saddle bags can be shot reducing the product value.


Two cars are slightly slower but you need less manpower and drivers are more protected. Alternatively if you do have the manpower extra riders can be used to act as escort in the event of player/police intervention.


A van is obviously slowest, but a saving on manpower and a convenient way of transporting all your product in one go (or getting it blown up in one go) with multiple riders able to provide a hefty escort.


Once a sale is initiated instead of the exact location being marked for everyone to see, I think it would be more interesting if all MC members involve in the sale flash or receive a special symbol indicating that they are conducting a sale, and it is then up to other players if they wish to attempt to intercept to find out how the product is being transported. This then gives the MC the extra tactic of employing decoys. With enough manpower a President could elect to use a van as a decoy, whilst sneakily transporting everything via the much faster bikes. A slow moving van travelling in the opposite direction on the map to a pack of riders? is that an obvious decoy or is it a double bluff maybe all the product is in the van.


A similar system could be used for CEO cargo sales, giving players who forked out millions for cargobobs/titans a practical use for these vehicles, rather than the game forcing you into a random sale mission.

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I don`t think they ever gonna change a thing. Had the same idea a year ago. It would be to hard for RG to implement it into the game that`s to time consuming. I have 2 vans the rumpo custom and the gang burrito would be really nice to use them to transport 50% of the goods in each van. I hate these boxvilles so much i rather abort the sale mission and retry it and lose some product.

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Yea I agree, it seems they didn't put quite as much thought into it as they could have and just went with the generic sell mission formula. I've got a black youga I've had from the start with my mc logo on it. It looks amazing but never gets any use. Could even have massive crew emblems up the side similar to the lost vans. Like you said though, probably won't change a thing, shame.

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