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Need help with DK22Pac HUD


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Hi guys, Im new here sorry if this isn't the right place for this topic. Plus, my english is rusty, so take it easy.


I was looking for some mods for gta sa and I've found this DK22PAC pack from gta 5, installed and I didn't liked and heres why. I tried to install only the minimap because I personally think that gta sa without its HUD doesn't look good, the game seems to lost its personality, idk. So I ask you guys, is there a way to install only the minimap?



tl;dr: How do I install only the minimap from DK22Pac without money font, weapon wheel, etc. I want that dynamic zoom out when driving a vehicle or plane.



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lil weasel

, there seems to be the continuing and unfortunate misunderstanding that this part (GTA San Andreas) has modding as a feature.

Take Note (as in this section forums rules) That MODDING has its OWN specialized section.

The GTA San Andreas Menu “Subforums” even lists it as: GTA Mods.

Here, again are the basic links:


WELCOME to the San Andreas forum!

<Click Here> Before you post Rules

<click here> For Modding Problems and Questions:

Modding <click here> Requests

<click here> for Mobile Modding.

Modding <click here> Showroom has already made mods.

And <click here> the GTA GARAGE Mod site

<click here> for DYOM Help & Support

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