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So I got griefed last night


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So I got griefed last night by a Crew named "Ninja Starz".

I haven't played regularly for a couple months due to moving to a new place and the 1 year old growing up quicker than I thought.


I was on a solo public using my typical MTU trick. It was peaceful for a few hours while I collected crates, re-supplied my Meth and Coke businesses and imported and exported vehicles. I was even able to sell full coke and meth products without a hitch. Trick is to sell during day time so you don't get Post Op vans.


One friend hopped on and we said our hello's and long time no sees due to me being away for so long. I pull up the session list and find a few players already milling about minding their own business. I get a notification on the bottom saying 'Griefer 1 is off radar'. I don't mind it.

Then a hail of Hydra bullets on the left side of my chopper. I go down and spawn on the beach by Zancudo.


Griefer 1 raises altitude then dive directly above me with a hail of bullets. I die again. At this point I'm thinking, I have work tomorrow do I want to engage?


Sure enough I do. I try the HL. You can't lock on when they are directly above you. I run. That's what he wants so he can strafe dive. I spawn my car to get away. No matter, strafe dive.


I'll kill the suspense. I killed him once and he suddenly lagged out. He comes back doing the same thing.


I go passive and call my R2K. I forgot it takes you out of passive-my lulz.


16-1 was the score.


Oh yeah I suck. I'm proud of that. I have a life. I should have changed sessions. But I wanted to watch my character die in a blaze of glor- no...blaze of humiliation.


They invite me to their Organization everytime they killed me. But I'd rather be griefed.


I slept great last night. 8 hours.

Two months ago I would have raged. I guess putting down the controller for an extended break was all that I needed to truly enjoy this game.


Moral of the story:

Gunrunning is coming and I'm gettin his b1tch a55 back. Or not. Probably not.

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*Ding* *Ding* *Ding* *Ding* *Ding* *Ding*

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Share your stories here please, thank you.




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