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Fujiwara Tofu Shop LS Branch (Touge Meets and Other Stuff)


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So yeah it's me again, and if you are from VANS or at least follow the thread you'd probably know that I host touge events.


I have decided to expand with encouragement from the crew so I opened up this thread.


What is Touge

Touge means pass in Japanese, and essentially refers to a mountain pass. Touge racing is racing that takes place on said mountain passes, where drivers race up or down the mountain. Often the roads are too small to pass, so the races tend to follow the cat and mouse format, where one driver chases another, trying to stay right behind him. If the guy in the back sticks behind all the way, they race back up but the positions are switched. This is done until a driver loses the other or gets passed.


How are we doing this


Two drivers line up and race through a road. Since this is GTA and you have less qualms about dinging your car or making aggressive passes, the winner is decided on who gets to the finish first. However, this is done in a first to 2 system. When you beat someone to the end you gain one point. The races run till one racer wins 2 passes. They will be done in a no traffic environment (that means in a race job), unless there is big enough demand to race in freeroam. The rest of the people not racing can watch from any point of the course as long as they aren't blocking the track, and you can even follow them as chase cars if you want to get a good action shot so as long as you don't disturb the racers.




- No overly aggressive driving. If you do spin or take someone out wait for him/her. Of course if said opponent spins out by his/herself than by all means leave the sucker and win the round. If the others deem you too aggressive your run will be nullified and the opponent will win the round.


- No excessive road cutting. Dipping into the dirt is acceptable but if you start cutting significant portions of the track you're not making it fun for anyone.


- Be respectful as always.


- Try to minimize hitting light poles, they just screw over the people in the back.


- If you fall of the cliff you lose the round instantly ala NFS Carbon


- Have Eurobeat on full blast.


No planned events yet. I will bump this thread when I plan to host one. Till then you can use this thread to host your own.


Post if interested and add my GT: Deskyx 98


Pic is from the VANS Touge meet



Edited by AcidRunner
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And I'll try to be present at all meets for awesome pics of your cars!

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I'd be well up for this but I'm on PS4, good luck with it :^:

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Its my username lol... I'd love to be in this so I'm interested though haha... Will it be any car or will there be themes?

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Its my username lol... I'd love to be in this so I'm interested though haha... Will it be any car or will there be themes?

I usually don't put any event restrictions, but most people tend to go for tuners anyway.


With that said, I will not be hosting this friday due to lack of interest, but PS4 or any other platform users are free to use this thread to host their own as well.

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Its my username lol... I'd love to be in this so I'm interested though haha... Will it be any car or will there be themes?

Can we throw $20 your way so we can use the name? :p


Damn, bummed this isn't gonna happen. Would people be interested in downhill racing/track day, then? No championship, just good ol' fun.

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