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NPC/AI Turn Indicators/Blinker


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Thanks to Eddlm here

We know that there is indeed a flag for setting the npcs to use turn indicators.

I created a simple script to loop through vehicles derived from the Scripthook samples, getting their driver ped and setting driving style every 1 sec.
Doesn't seem to break anything it seems, game is stable. (File will is available here )


1. AI sometimes gives a f about indicating.
2. I'd rather set this when the vehicles are actually spawned rather than looping through them and check wether they are a car/bike/quadbike.

3. If second isn't possible, I'd much rather get a pointer to the vehicle array and loop them myself and store information as I need to, yet this gives me a bit of trouble.


As this gets to actual coding here, I'd appreciate if a mod would move this to the coding section. Thanks in advance.

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