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Cap the Collector


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I beat all the missions, I brought all of the assets in the game and I'm still not getting a call to do the Collector mission. Is money also the reason? Do I need to make more money to forward the mission?

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Which was the last mission that you completed in the game? Are you sure that you have completed every mission available and not missed one out?


If you're playing on PC or Mobile, you can upload your save file to GTASnP.com. When you upload, you'll be able to see a 100% Checklist on the Save File Page that will tell you what you have and have not completed in the game. You can use this to see if you've missed anything :)

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It's gotta be Cop Land, the cop uniform is in the police station. I'm playing it on ps2. I'm looking on the map and I don't see any missions that I'm missing.

Wait. What's the car delivery list at the Sunshine Autos?

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Wait. What's the car delivery list at the Sunshine Autos?

When you purchase the Sunshine Autos Asset, there are four Vehicle Import Lists that become available for you to complete for 100% Completion of the game. These are available one at a time and are located at the back of Sunshine Autos next to the Race Map, Storage Garages and Pay N Spray. You just need to look at the vehicles on the list that the garage require, steal one from around the City and deliver it to the Garage. When you've delivered a Vehicle, it will be crossed off on the list and when you've completed a list it will be replaced by a new one, until all four lists are complete. Each time you complete a list, the Sunshine Autos Garage will begin to generate income which can be collected by the door.


You should get this done for the Cap The Collector Mission to become available. Looking at the VC Checklist on the website I linked you to, take a look at the 100% Checklist on this Save File even though nothing has yet been done, are there any other Asset Missions you are missing? :)

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OH! Ok, I ain't did that one! I will though! I did the rest of the asset mission, I believe. Thanks, man! :)

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  • 1 month later...

You need to have at least 6 assets completed.

Edited by micaiahisawesome
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^ Basically that, Vercetti Estate counts as one and then you need to complete 6 out of the 9 profitable assets including the Print Works excluding Phils which brings it up to 7.


The easiest way I've found to get assets done ASAP is to collect Sunshine Autos vehicles if they appear during the storyline then when assets are unlocked buy Cherry Poppers, Go to SSA then buy it and start moving/collecting vehicles there, go back to Distribution and do it down at the Docks Pay N Spray, head to the Boatyard and complete that asset, sail to Pole Position club and AFK that one to complete it then do Kaufman and Print Works. That may not be the most streamlined order to do it but it's quicker than doing Malibu Club/Film Studios :)


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