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Why Trevor is friend with Franklin and Lamar?

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If at GTA Online The Families attacked Trevor Philips Industries

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We don't know if the even taking place in Online are exactly cannon (probably aren't)


Franklin isn't really part of the Families as we can see he's trying to leave the gang life behind


Trevor isn't really friends with Lamar. They only worked together to get Devin Weston's cars.

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Trevor hated Michael worst he tried to kill Michael & Franklin for his own reasons.

In the war between Trevor and The LOST MC some rockers put a hit on Trevor by convincing

Franklin to ge rid of him.


Johnny Kleibitz after being attacked viciously by Trevor ended in a hospital where he

planned the payback the -death of Trevor.


Trevor considers forgiving Michael. Later, Franklin is approached by two parties demanding that he kill Trevor or Michael. Should he choose the lattder, Franklin chases Michael to a secluded spot, before pushing him to his death off a water tower.Should he choose to kill, Trevor he would

just treacherously shoot him in the back.

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Does Trevor even know if The Families are behind the assaults? They're all done by you on Gerald's behalf and I doubt Gerald is going around boasting how he ripped off some crazy redneck.

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