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(MP)The Lines of War

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Forewarned:This Topic does not support nor encourage Communism, Fascism and Democracy. It is simply used for entertainment purposes.




So, as I look into the forums, I almost never seem to find a good MP/SL about a War. Be it in the 20th century or the 21st, it doesn't matter, as the limitations of DYOM and San Andreas make it hard to do. This mission pack, as written above, is not meant to encourage or support any ideology, it is simply telling the story(or at least it will try) from the point of view of someone on the ground(the field).






This mission pack follows two protagonists, two points of views therefore two separate stories which might overlap on some occasions. Both characters have their own point of views about the world and the War that they are apart of, though neither of them forcibly joined the army, both were volunteers in their own way. To that end, this mission pack will be updated continuously as I am still trying to figure out the many functions of dyom, being relatively new to it. The two protagonists days, actions, missions, however you call it, will happen at the same time, meaning as time goes on for one character, progression is indeed a thing for the other one. I will often try to upload two missions at the same time so that you - the mission player could enjoy that specific character's story, instead of the other's.

Though I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you would download any necessary files/folders that the mission pack may have, so to increase immersion and not be confused too easily. And please be aware, that if you play the A protagonist's missions 2 and 3, and you only played the B protagonist's 1 mission, you will simply be ahead of the B protagonist. To put it bluntly, just try imagining a live song performance where the guitar player starts playing the song before others in the band. He will always be a few seconds ahead of the song.




The Story follows two protagonists, Jakob Achterberg, and Ulrich Falkenrath, in an alternate timeline where "Nazi Germany gave away precious land and resources, such as the entirety of the Baltic States, Poland and the Balkans, for a more permanent alliance with the Soviet Union, in an effort to prolong their to-be betrayal" Jakob Achterberg joined as a volunteer soldier in 1934, to which like most other soldiers, was brainwashed by the propaganda that Nazis had in place, by 1940 however, he was promoted to the rank of Gefreiter(Exempted Soldier), having proven his worth in the trenches and elevated onto more advanced and harder-to-do tasks. Ulrich Falkenrath however, is a newly added edition into the Waffen-SS, which is the armed wing of the Nazi Party's SS organization.



(more will be added)

Character Name:Jakob Achterberg

Character Description:One of the playable protagonists/playable characters. Part of the German Wehrmacht as a Gefreiter:


Character Name: Ulrich Falkenrath

Character Description: One of the playable protagonists/playable characters, part of the Waffen-SS, armed wing of the Nazi Party's SS organization.




Edited by YewwoStar
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Very Very Good especially, as a newbie in this forum. I can't wait to taste those missions. Goodluck. :^:

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Very Very Good especially, as a newbie in this forum. I can't wait to taste those missions. Goodluck. :^:

Appreciate the support!! :lol::^:

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Great information and summary. Will play it once It is released, even a demo would be cool!

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